TX Muslim Closes His Restaurant, Vows To Move When He Sees What Infidels Left For Him

TX Muslim Closes His Restaurant, Vows To Move When He Sees What Infidels Left For Him
Pakistani Muslim Asad Khan (right) has announced that he is closing ZaZa Bar & Bites (left) after seeing what infidels left in front of the building. (Photo source: Click2Houston, Galveston County Daily News)

After immigrating from Pakistan, a man decided to try his hand at opening and managing a bar and grill restaurant in Texas. However, not long after establishing his business, the owner announced that he was permanently closing the eatery and moving away because of what local infidels left at his restaurant.

Although Muslims are eerily silent as their religious laws oppress and brutalize non-Muslims in their own countries, they are deafeningly vocal when they feel offended in the West. Despite FBI statistics disproving their allegation, Muslims claim to be the biggest victims of hate crimes in America. Of course, these “crimes” are almost exclusively offensive speech and the notorious “bacon attacks,” which Muslims often equate with their own deadly terrorism. Unfortunately for them, many Americans are finally fed up with their constant hypocrisy over actual hate crimes, of which Muslims are the number-one offenders in the world.

Not long after opening ZaZa Bar & Bites in Galveston, Texas, Pakistani immigrant Asad Khan has officially announced its closure and is even considering moving away from the city for what he’s calling insurmountable “hate.” KHOU reports that Khan contacted the police but was ultimately forced to shut down the eatery after the front of the building was tainted with bacon grease.

Khan says that the incidents leading him to close the popular restaurant began with 2 “bacon attacks,” where the entrance of the building was covered with pork, which he reminded the media is prohibited by his Muslim faith, according to Raw Story. Ironically, Khan has no problem serving alcohol and food during Ramadan, which is also prohibited in Islam and a highly punishable offense in his own country.

“I had seen on Facebook when ZaZa was ‘baconed’ last year that people down here believed that I was behind it. It really hurt me. There is no bankruptcy, none being filed,” he pointed out. “It’s easier to blame the victim than accept we have a problem.”

Khan claims that aside from the bacon incidents he has received threatening phone calls, although he could not provide proof of such calls. Despite claiming that he has been inundated with countless phone calls in which callers have threatened to “kill” him, Khan never produced any recordings of such conversations, once again sparking suspicion that he is lying.

“I shut ZaZa down because of death threats towards me via phone calls,” Khan explained. “In the last seven weeks or so (the) calls become worse. I did not enjoy being called ‘sand ni**er’ or people telling me that I will die in ZaZa.”

Khan displayed his hypocrisy to the media by accusing all Galveston residents of being “closed-minded” while during the same week in his native Pakistan, a man was sentenced to death over a Facebook post insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

“I opened ZaZa [as] a happy little fun project; this was supposed to [be] fun and love,” Khan said. “Never did I think that people in Galveston are so closed-minded. People want me dead because of me being a Muslim. I am honestly sick to my stomach. And frankly, fearful.”

Just as the Muslim minority is doing in the West, Khan complains of the supposed Islamophobic atmosphere while ignoring the Muslim world’s unmatched violence and oppression. In Khan’s home country, he knows that he would be arrested for even serving food during Ramadan. This law was introduced in Pakistan in 1981 and punishes businesses $250 per offense, a devastating fine for the impoverished residents. Those who consume during Ramadan are sentenced to 3 months in prison.

In other Muslim countries, buying and selling alcohol, within or without Ramadan, is punishable with harsh and inhumane sentences. In addition, Islamic law commands the death penalty for offenses including blasphemy, adultery, homosexuality, apostasy, and even rape if the female victim cannot provide the required male witnesses to testify on her behalf, as Muhammad said that women have half the worth of men.

Perhaps Khan would rather move back to Pakistan since he believes that Americans are so “closed-minded.” Instead of complaining about the inconvenient and hateful actions of a few, if they really happened, it would be refreshing for Khan to denounce his own religion’s closed-minded approach to all other faiths, laws, and values. Maybe Khan’s realizing that Americans are tired of being preached at about tolerance from the world’s most intolerant religion.

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