Victims Of 1000-Muslim Gang Rape Drop Bombshell On What Police Are Hiding

Victims Of 1000-Muslim Gang Rape Drop Bombshell On What Police Are Hiding
Rape and assault victims of at least 1,000 Muslim asylum seekers have come forward — and they are blowing the lid off the left’s lies.

On New Year’s Eve, over 1,000 Muslim migrants rang in the holiday by storming through the streets of Cologne, Germany — stealing, assaulting, and raping at least 100 young girls and women. Since the leftist leadership has ordered the mainstream media to keep quiet on the sordid details, victims have come forward to blow the whistle on what the government and police are hiding.

The lapdog media has admitted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has forced local news outlets to censor reporting of crimes committed by Muslims in an effort to prevent backlash against her liberal agenda to bring in millions of Muslim refugees. Because of this, media giants including the BBC intentionally left out the word “Muslim,” instead substituting with the purposefully vague description “Arab or North African appearance.”

Perhaps fed up with the leftist regime’s desire to protect rapists and thugs over their own citizens, a German teen has come forward with a shocking revelation about the disturbing incident — and it has the left scrambling to cover their tracks.

Victims Of 1000-Muslim Gang Rape Drop Bombshell On What Police Are Hiding
One sexual assault victim has relinquished her right to anonymity, hoping to warn others about what’s really happening to the West.

The Daily Mail reports that 18-year-old Michelle has relinquished her right to anonymity, following sexual assault and robbery by a group of around 30 “angry” migrants. Appearing on German TV, young Michelle dropped a bombshell that completely blows the left’s argument for refugees out of the water.

In her shocking testimony, Michelle revealed that she was surrounded by a group of Muslim men who groped her and her friends, then robbed them and quickly fled. However, the most sinister point was when she disclosed that authorities have been lying about “no-go zones,” and it’s much worse than we thought.

Michelle divulged that the town center is now a “no-go zone,” particularly for women, and that similar areas in Hamburg and Stuttgart are similarly off-limits for non-Muslims and lone females.

“Especially for women, it must be assumed that there is a high security risk here in the evening and night,” she said.

Victims Of 1000-Muslim Gang Rape Drop Bombshell On What Police Are Hiding
Where are the widows and orphans of whom Obama said Republicans are afraid?

She warned viewers that because of the high volume of asylum seekers entering her country, police can no longer guarantee the people’s safety.

“We were completely in panic, hands were touching us all over,” two schoolgirls, aged 16 and 17, were also quoted as saying. “When you pushed one hand away, there was another one suddenly back on the same place. They were grabbing us on our breasts, crotch, and backsides.”

There will be no successful investigation, the victims will not be vindicated, and the criminals will go unpunished. The efforts of the police to capture or even identify these 1,000 perpetrators will cost the taxpayers millions, and authorities are already hindered by their inability to even identify Islam or jihad as a motive.

Victims Of 1000-Muslim Gang Rape Drop Bombshell On What Police Are Hiding
Although the left blindly denies it, there are now “no-go zones” in Cologne, Hamburg, and Stuttgart, where police cannot guarantee the safety of non-Muslims.

Adding insult to injury, Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker placed the responsibility on women for preventing their own rape, saying that they should “stay at an arm’s length” from strangers. She purposed a “code of conduct” for females, pushing the idea that women need to change their ways in order to not be raped.

Of course, this is exactly the mentality that Muslims want and need to transform a Western country into a Sharia state. Through fear of being attacked, women will begin covering more of their bodies and walking through the streets only in daylight or with a male escort.

Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” It is exactly this that the so-called moderate Muslims are using in the West to persuade non-Muslims to change their customs in order to prevent unwanted outcomes.

Muslims have found that they don’t necessarily need bombs, guns, or knives to conform the masses to their will. In fact, they have much better results when using our own freedom and tolerance to inflict their Sharia requirements upon us. There’s no bloodshed needed, no expensive troops and weaponry — only cries of “Islamophobia” and “intolerance.”

Just as Muslim hijacker Mohamed Atta told passengers to “be quiet and you’ll be okay” just before flying the plane into the World Trade Center, moderate Muslims are urging us to comply with Sharia law for “our own safety.” Like cattle, we are being led to our slaughter with the promise of security.

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