[VIDEO] Obama Potentially Looking At 10 Years To Life In Prison

In the words of Chris Mathews, seeing Obama behind bars would surely send a “thrill” up the leg of countless red blooded Americans all across the country – and it may soon be a reality. Of course countless other steps would need to successfully align themselves before such an occurrence ever existed, but Obama may have just opened to the door for its possibility.


Such news comes from Judge Andrew Napolitano, who recently sat down for an interview with Fox News in which he explained that Obama’s recent acts – in which he traded five high-level terrorists for deserter Bergdahl – could be construed as, “aiding a terrorist organization.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4XUV-tObCY?rel=0]

Furthermore, Napolitano shared that Obama was successful in violating a legality that he himself signed into law requiring him to give Congress 30 days notice from releasing any detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Conglomerate the ill founded decisions and you have the fact that Obama broke American laws in order to aide in the form of material support – in this case, human assets – an organization that our country has deemed as the enemy, and a dangerous one at that.


So what exactly could the consequence for such questionably treasonous acts get you these days? Well according to Napolitano, Obama could be potentially looking at anywhere from 10 years to life in prison if convicted.

Feel free to listen to his more in-depth reasoning in the video and let us know what you think of what he had to say in the comments below. Would Obama be deserving of such an outcome?

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