WATCH: Villagers Slice Open Dead Crocodile, Make DISTURBING Find Inside

A giant crocodile was shot dead before being sliced open in the village of Mushumbi Pools in northern ’s Mashonaland Central Province.

A shocking video has surfaced of the moment villagers sliced open a dead crocodile as onlookers watched from the sidelines. The disturbing thing they discovered inside the giant reptile was captured by an eyewitness with a smartphone, and now, it’s going viral.

Recent heavy rains in Zimbabwe which have caused the levels of rivers and dams to rise have driven crocodiles to areas where they are not normally seen. This has created a hazard for locals, especially small children.

Villagers from northern Zimbabwe gather to watch as a dead crocodile is sliced open. (Source: Mail Online)

Natives from the village of Mushumbi Pools in northern Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland Central Province suspected one crocodile of killing and eating an 8-year-old boy, so they shot the animal. What they found inside of it was nightmare-inducing.

When they cut open the huge beast’s stomach, their worst fears were confirmed.

The remains of the boy, whose name has not been revealed, were removed from the crocodile and buried two days later in a village funeral.

The grisly images show men slitting open the crocodile, pulling human body parts from its belly and placing them on a grey blanket next to the dead animal. [Source: Mail Online]

WARNING: The footage below, although censored, may still be disturbing to some viewers. 

“The crocodile was shot and was then cut open. The boy’s remains were found in the beast’s stomach,” said local reporter Simbarashe Sithole.

The remains of the boy, whose name has not been revealed, were removed from the crocodile and buried two days later in a village funeral.

Villagers and a local policeman can be seen silently watching the grim operation in the background. [Source: Mirror]

This was not an isolated incident, either. Another crocodile was shot dead in Beatrice, a farming community in the neighboring province of Mashonaland East, and the remains of what is believed to be a fisherman were found in its stomach.

Ordeals such as this one are hard to imagine, especially for those from First World countries like the United States, where there is most often a healthy separation between dangerous wildlife and humans. However, the story of a toddler who was eaten by an alligator during his family’s vacation to Disney World did rock our nation last year. These cases are always extremely disheartening as we can all identify with the grief the parents of the victim are forced to endure.

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