[WATCH] Protesters Disrespecting The Flag Get A Surprise From Two Marines

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG1xsENCaQA?feature=player_detailpage]

Two marines chase down a pair of protesters on a scooter who were flying the flag upside down in protest of the Albuquerque Police shooting and killing two unarmed men in the last month.

There’s no word on exactly where this happened,  but you can see the people on the scooter pulling a u-turn when one of them spots the Marines running toward them. They quickly drop the flag that they were holding upside down and take off while one of the Marines gives chase and the other picks the flag up from the ground.

As they’re returning to where they came from, the two Marines can be seen jawing back and forth with a separate, unrelated man and one of them says “I don’t give a s–t what the symbol is. We serve our f—ing country and that’s bulls–t.”

Traditionally, flying the flag upside down is a sign of distress which would be the “symbol” the one man was referencing. The practice has become more common as people around the country become increasingly frustrated with the government and look to display their anger.

The video has created quite a stir on the YouTube page it was posted on, with comments ranging from supporting the Two Marines and what they did to people condemning them and referring to them as “jarheads.”

One man said:

“Youtube junkies seeing this and hating on their own country because they think they know how the world sees America. I’m more sad at these comments than at anything going on in this video.”

Surely he was talking about the people who took the opportunity to bash both our nation and the Marines in the video, like the posters who left these comments:

“It’s kind of like being over righteous. It’s a symbol you brainwashed slaves. You act like you know what you’re fighting for but if America was really a great country, the rest of the world wouldn’t hate us. If we were really free this wouldn’t have happened either, so go on with you’re hypocritical hillbilly lives. And for the family members speaking on behalf of a soldier or former soldier, shut the hell up, you’re not out there either.”

The cheap shots didn’t stop there either:

“Oh no! gotta protect that cheap ass 8 dollar flag that was bought from walmart and made in china!”

So where do you stand, do you think they did the right thing or were they out of line? Let me know with a comment, I love to read them!

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