‘Whites Only’ Signs Popping Up On Stores In St. Louis, ‘Racist’ Owners Have Perfect Reply

During the St. Louis riots, disturbing “Whites Only” signs began popping up on businesses across the city, shocking customers who’d seen the “racist” displays. However, as soon as the signs caught media attention, business owners came forward with a brilliant reply that Black Lives Matter activists hoped would never get out.

'Whites Only' Signs Popping Up On Stores In St. Louis, 'Racist' Owners Have Perfect Reply
After “Whites Only” signs began popping up all over St. Louis, owners had one thing to say about the discriminatory message. (Photo credit: Screenshot/KMOV)

Although the Black Lives Matter organizers maintain that they want to better the lives of people of color, the entire movement is determined to sabotage minority progress in America. Because of their racial hatred, the BLM has revived the Democratic Party’s previously defeated enactments such as segregation likening that of their beloved Jim Crowe Laws. Fortunately, their latest attempt to divide Americans based on skin color instead of their content of character has majorly backfired in Missouri.

When St. Louis residents began noticing the same “Whites Only” signs surfacing in store and restaurant windows, they initially believed the left’s fear-mongering myth that racist white nationalists had taken over their city. Upon closer inspection, media discovered that not only are the business owners far from being Nazi fascists, but these signs are all part of the BLM’s failed plan.

KMOV reports that not only were the supremacist stickers placed on businesses by BLM protesters but, in their endeavor to make white entrepreneurs appear racist, they ended up posting the signs on minority-owned and run businesses. The BLM’s stunt quickly backfired once minority business owners came forward to express how foolish the signs were, showcasing that St. Louis is not a racist hub for white supremacists but an example of America’s diversity and equality.

Qayum Mohammed was one such minority member who discovered the sticker on his eatery, Sameem, which serves authentic Afghan cuisine and boasts a non-discriminatory hiring policy.

“I’m proud to say I employ African American, Caucasian American, Malaysian,” Mohammed said.

'Whites Only' Signs Popping Up On Stores In St. Louis, 'Racist' Owners Have Perfect Reply
The “Whites Only” signs were placed on local businesses by Black Lives Matter protesters in a bid to make the shop owners look racist. Unfortunately, many of the owners are minorities themselves and have incredibly diverse staffs. (Photo source: Layla Restaurant/Facebook)

The BLM looked ignorant targeting workers from their own special interest groups or, at least, the groups they claim to support. Other restaurant owners came forward to denounce the group for placing the offensive sign on their shops, which included The Grove, Urban Chestnut, Layla, and Taha’s Twisted Tiki Bar, according to Blue Lives Matter.

One burger hub, Layla, took to social media to condemn the message the BLM protesters hoped to convey.

“To come into work only to find a sticker like this on our window is heartbreaking. We pride ourselves on being open, accepting and inviting of all types of people. We truly believe that our differences are what make us beautiful. This does not represent our restaurant, our team or our beliefs. #equalityforall #youcantstoptherevolution.”

Black Lives Matter is not only showing its racist fundamentals but is pushing its own potential supporters away with each of its extreme stunts. The organization doesn’t want unity, equality, and harmony but is set upon segregating and punishing individuals solely because of skin color. They have become what they claim to despise the most — the KKK, Nazis, and tyrannical slave masters.

Of course, if the BLM actually cared about blacks and racial abuse, they would be setting their sights outside of the United States. Africa harbors the most human trafficking and slavery to this day. The same slave trade that the Muslims initiated centuries before Africans were ever shipped to the Americas is still going strong, especially in Islamic countries.

Up to 14 million blacks are enslaved by Muslims to this day, despite many Islamic nations only recently outlawing slavery. Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey are major players in the international African slave trade, which includes the sex industry and slave labor.

While Muslim-majority nations hold countless other racial and religious minorities as slaves, their inherent disdain for blacks, in particular, has to do with the Islamic and Arab supremacy found in the Quran and hadith as modeled by the prophet Muhammad, who was the proud owner of African slaves. Considering that the Quran-based Sharia law is above man-made laws, including abolition, many Muslim refuse to recognize freedom and equality no matter when their government has established them.

The surfacing of the racist roots of the BLM is excluding its own supporters, leaving it scraping the bottom of the barrel. Hopefully, these protesters continue to show their extremist views so that the average American can further distance themselves from such a fringe special interest group with which most people disagree.

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