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BUSTED: Sweden Lies About Sex Attacks At Festivals — Frightening Truth Is Coming Out

When people go to a music festival, they expect a couple of things. First, they expect to listen to music from some of their favorite bands. They also expect there to be large crowds, overpriced food and merchandise, and terrible parking. But what they don’t expect is for themselves or someone they’re with to be sexually assaulted or for authorities to lie about. However, that’s what Sweden has done — but the truth is coming out. […]

Cops & Criminals

Thug Attempts Armed Robbery With The Wrong Officer, Gets Deadly Dose Of Karma

Bank customers were horrified when they watched as a thug approached the wrong guy at an ATM, attempting to initiate an armed robbery. The thug realized too late that he was robbing an innocent citizen who just so happened to also be a military police officer. Terrified people around him were stunned when they saw the brutal instant justice he was served — and it was all caught on shocking video. […]


Melania Pops Up On Billboard In Croatia, U.S. Liberals Livid Over Message To The Right

A billboard bearing the likeness of First Lady Melania Trump has popped up in Croatia. The picture itself is from Melania’s speech at the Republican National Convention last year, but it’s the 13-word message to the right of our first lady’s image which is causing a stir. Liberals in the U.S. are livid over what’s written next to Melania’s face, as they would never allow such a thing to be erected in the states. […]