Laughing Muslim Dad Says Beating Children Part Of His 'Culture,' Judge Slaps Away His Grin

Laughing Muslim Dad Says Beating Children Part Of His ‘Culture,’ Judge Slaps Away His Grin

A father was arrested for the heinous abuse of his children, including making the young siblings believe they would be forced to help him butcher their 5-year-old brother. However, when the laughing man told the court that he was innocent since it’s part of his “culture,” the judge’s reply instantly wiped the grin off the child beater’s face. […]

Man Left "Bloodied And Unconscious" After Thugs Attack Him For Sickeningly Simple Reason
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Grandpa Left Bloodied & Unconscious After Laughing Thugs Attack Over One Physical Feature

After a grandpa had spent the night out with his wife and some friends at a local bar, they began their walk home. Unfortunately, the trip would be cut short when a group of laughing thugs suddenly approached. Sadly, the punks launched an attack, leaving the man bloodied and unconscious on the ground, and it seems that it was all over one physical feature that they took issue with. […]

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Sadistic Gang Makes Man Rape Dog, Then Eat Sickening Piece Of His Own Anatomy

A “vulnerable adult” died tragically on February 9, 2016, after prolonged and incredibly painful torture at the hands of people who he thought were his friends. His body was dumped on wasteland near his home, where it began to decompose and was partially eaten by animals before being discovered on March 27. This wasn’t even the worst of what he endured, though, as authorities soon learned that he was forced to have sex with a dog before being made eat a sickening part of his own anatomy. […]