10-Year-Old Raped By Refugee Asks Liberal For Help, Their Response Is Worse

10-Year-Old Girl Raped By Refugee Asks Liberal For Help, Their Response Is Worse
After a 10-year-old girl was raped by a fellow refugee, she went to asylum center employees, only to be given an equally sickening response.

A little girl was lured into a migrant man’s room at an asylum center and brutally raped while her screams for help went ignored. When he was finished, she ran to the liberal worker and told them what had happened. However, instead of calling the police and helping the injured and traumatized child, they had just one concern.

In an effort to expose the sickening leftist agenda behind the Swedish Migration Board, TV4 introduced a segment called Cold Facts, which highlights the levels of depravity leftists will stoop in order to salvage their failed policies. Understanding the corruption and scandal that takes place in the immigration offices and asylum centers, even the investigative reporters were shocked by a little girl’s horrific testimony.

Fria Tider reports that while many women and children have been brutally assaulted during their stay in asylum centers, one brave little girl’s harrowing story gives a much-needed look into the ugly side of the refugee crisis. The child’s words prove not only the inhumanity within the refugee centers but that it’s also being perpetuated by the leftists in charge.

“I was scared. I screamed but no one was there. It felt like he was going to take me again and do the same. I think about it every night. I think of what he did to me,” says the girl in the program.

When the child went to center workers for help, they refused to report the rape and attempted to cover it up instead. Several other women and children came forward with complaints that the Swedish Migration Board has ignored their abuse reports and even worked with asylum centers to hide assault, sexual assault, and child molestation. In fact, one employee was caught waving off an attempted rape in the center as “small stuff.”

10-Year-Old Girl Raped By Refugee Asks Liberal For Help, Their Response Is Worse
A brave 16-year-old girl also came forward, telling interviewers that an employee shrugged off her attempted rape as “small stuff.”

Another girl courageously testified against the board, revealing her injuries from said attempted rape. Her face, arms, and legs were covered in bruises and lacerations but when she showed them to an employee, they simply sent her away.

Now that the television station has exposed the Migration Board’s twisted agenda, Immigration Services has announced that it is investigation the incidents and plans to amp up security for women and children in Trängslet. They admitted that they have neglected certain precautionary measures but are willing to place security guards at each center around the clock.

“It is wrong and obviously unacceptable,” Migration Board regional manager Magnus Rodin confessed. “We will, of course, take all the information about abuse or other crimes seriously. To express something else is not acceptable. It is the police to investigate and come up in the case of a suspected crime and how to proceed.”

10-Year-Old Girl Raped By Refugee Asks Liberal For Help, Their Response Is Worse
Even when the 16-year-old girl showed employees her injuries, they refused to notify authorities or even protect her from her attacker.

The television segment showcases the dangerous floodgates which Europe has opened to its citizens. If alleged war-torn refugees are treating their own women and children this way after their own rescue, we cannot expect them to treat the rest of Europe any better. Of course, the left foolishly believes that the remedy is tolerance and understanding, which is why they’re clinging to ludicrous seminars to teach misogynistic migrants not to rape women and children.

Mad World News reports that just two weeks after liberals praised a young migrant’s completion of their course on “How to Treat Western Women,” the refugee, believed to be just 16 years old, raped a female caterer. Upon acing the required class, the teen followed a 25-year-old worker down the center’s basement and attacked her just like the course explained not to do.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Migration Board has attempted to cover up heinous crimes. After a 40-year-old Muslim migrant raped a 3-year-old girl in an asylum center, workers declined to call the police. When the child’s mother notified officers, the employees then refused to give authorities any information concerning the rapist. The Swedish Migration Board backed their criminal employees, attempting to cover up the rape by moving the migrant offender to another center to thwart his arrest.

The refugee crisis isn’t the only thing about which Westerners should worry. Their leftist enablers are just as if not more dangerous than the rapists themselves, as they allow this horrific abuse to continue. Like a cult, the left has favored their own policies more than their own way of life, praising the very invaders who seek to rid the West of liberal values.

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