19 Girls Burned Alive In Cage, After ISIS Thugs Were Denied One Sick Request

Nineteen young and innocent girls were murdered at the hands of the Islamic State thugs, burned alive like animals in a cage, after denying them one request that corresponded with the beginning of their “holy month” of Ramadan. What part of a holy month could include sacrificing 19 young girls? You’ll be shocked to learn the truth behind these horrendous murders.

ISIS thugs burned 19 Yazidi girls alive after they refused to become their sex slaves. This happened on June 3rd, two days before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Burning the girls was a sick way these monsters kick started their “holy month.”

After bringing the girls in a large cage that was fastened to a horse-drawn wagon, they doused them with lighter fluid and burned them alive. The disgusting thugs were seen yelling “Allu Akbar” and firing their guns in the air, as the young girls’ screams were muffled by the intense blaze. Burning alive takes several long minutes, and onlookers will never forget the screams or the panic on the girls faces right before their final seconds on earth.

Yazidi girls are brought in cages (left), then the ISIS thugs burn them alive (right)

According to reports, ISIS terrorists kidnapped over 3,000 Yazidi girls and are holding most of them on Mount Sinjar in Iraq. Many are speculating that the ISIS thugs brought the 19 girls down from Mount Sinjar as a spectacle, as a way to terrorize the population.

Islamic leaders will deny that the ISIS thugs murdering these 19 girls has anything to do with their holy month of Ramadan, but crime statistics tell another tale. Middle East experts all agree that Muslim terrorists have a history of brutal attacks right before Ramadan begins, and as the month of fasting goes on, “Ramadan rage” takes over.

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Yazidi girls (left), Yazidi women look on in horror as girls are murdered (right)

According to Breitbart News, “[T]hroughout Ramadan emergency services are overwhelmed by a spike in crime–a phenomenon known as “Ramadan rage,” which affects not just Muslim countries, but cities with high concentrations of believers, from Dearborn to Deptford.”

Get ready for the crazy “Ramadan rage.” Ramadan began June 5th and goes until July 4th, so expect to see an increase in worldwide terror attacks along with isolated incidents of Muslims boiling over. Muslim leaders freak out over anyone saying Ramadan causes spikes in Muslim crime rates, but the facts show that crime increases over 220% in Muslim areas.

Nineteen innocent girls were brutalized and burned alive. How many more atrocities will occur before people start speaking the truth? Islam creates Muslim terrorism, the Quran sanctions it, and no amount of leftist lies will cover that up forever.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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