2 Armed Thugs Invade Elderly Man’s Home, Realize Their Big Mistake Too Late

Pictured: Stock image of home intruders (left), John Croft (right)

Two armed thugs broke into the home of a 79-year-old Alabama man during the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 29, but they didn’t realize what a huge mistake they made until it was too late. When their elderly victim woke up, he taught them a life-altering lesson that they will never forget.

According to The Blaze, John Croft, a 79-year-old resident of Center Point, Alabama, was awakened shortly after 1 am on Wednesday morning when he heard someone breaking into his home. As the two suspects made their way around Croft’s house, he quietly reached for his gun and prepared a shocking surprise for them that they truly weren’t expecting.

John Croft, 79 (Photo: Bearing Arms)

According to Jefferson County deputies, two men had entered Croft’s home and a third was waiting outside in a getaway car. Croft gave the chilling details of his ordeal to ABCNews. “When I heard the noise, that’s when they opened the window from the basement coming to the level where the bedrooms are,” he recalled.

“I have three bedrooms. I think they checked the other two bedrooms out and then he came over there and said, ‘Don’t move!’ He heard the bed squeak. I was getting my gun. He said, ‘Don’t move’ and he used the ‘N’ word, and I shot. I hate that boy dead, but I don’t hate I shot him,” Croft added.

Croft had shot one of the home intruders dead while the other one fled from the house with the 79-year-old victim turned victor on his heels. As Croft chased the 2nd suspect across the yard, the thug turned and shot him in the ankle before jumping into the getaway car and leaving. Police are searching for the two suspects still at large.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department has not yet released the name of the attacker Croft killed in his home on Wednesday or the identities of the two men still at large. In an interview with WBRC, Croft said, “I just hate to meet his mother because it was a teen. And there’s nothing as precious to a mom as a son. And you know what’s been happening to black boys today. For another black man to shoot one don’t look good, but like I say, I had no choice.”

Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian said that Croft won’t be facing any criminal charges as a result of the shooting. “It’s sad anytime there is a loss of life and there is a family that will be grieving. This homeowner had every right to protect himself, and that’s exactly what he did. These criminals are responsible for this death,” said Christian. “They weren’t invited guests. The homeowner is the victim. When we find the other suspects, we will look to charge them with murder. They are responsible for what happened,” added Christian.

These thugs thought that they were going to victimize an elderly gentleman who had been burglarized numerous times in the last year, and he had enough. I could not agree more with the sheriff; this homeowner is the victim and had every right to protect himself. Here again, we see another American citizen who understands the importance of exercising his Second Amendment rights, refusing to be another victim.

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