WATCH: 2 Drunk Hipsters Throw Punches Outside Club, Fed-Up Bouncer Delivers Brutal Justice

A shocking video has emerged online of two hipsters who brawled with other people outside a club after they had a little too much to drink. Now, the clip has gone viral after a “Godzilla” of a bouncer showed up and delivered a dose of brutal justice to the punks.

Screenshots from the video footage of the incident (Photo Credits: YouTube/SK)

Everyone wants to have a good time when they go out with their friends, but two of the guys seen in a recently captured video clip took things way too far. According to Daily Mail, the shocking incident took place outside a nightclub in Nottingham, England, as onlookers screamed while several suspects wildly brawled with each other.

It was all fun and games for the drunken brawlers until security from Nottingham’s Ink club showed up to squash the fight, which reportedly happened on “student night” at the club. One of the bouncers, who was dressed in all black and combat-ready, started making a lasting impression the moment he jumped into the middle of the brawl. Instantly, onlookers started screaming for a different reason. It was as if the club had unleashed a beast from the dungeon.

People can be heard screaming in the background as the fight unfolds. The huge bouncer first engaged one of the brawlers who was wearing a green jacket and black pants. That guy made the mistake of trying to go for the bouncers head, and that was all it took. The bouncer, who has not yet been identified by police, put a knockout punch directly into the punk’s face. In the clip, the brawler can be seen collapsing onto the ground up against a vehicle in the street.

After putting the first fighter down, the bouncer went back into the middle of the pack for more. Most people would have just stayed on the ground after getting their lights put out like that, but not the guy in the green jacket. He got up off the ground and followed the bouncer again. This time, a second brutal punch put the guy on the ground. This is when bystanders started to fear the bouncer more than the dozen or so brawlers tearing around the street outside the club.

The second hipster, who is seen in the video wearing a blue sweater, jumped in front of the bouncer and immediately took a nasty punch to the face as well. He was sent staggering backward and landed on the guy in the green jacket. For a moment, it looked like the incident was over, but the guy in the green jacket, who had been knocked down twice at that point, went back for more. And, the third time was a charm.

The huge bouncer dropped him like a bad habit again, and that time he stayed down. Instantly, bystanders rushed to check him for a pulse as the guy in the green jacket lay motionless on the ground. When police arrived, they arrested one man named Makhel Leigertwood-Gibson of Southgate. Two other men were only given a warning, according to the Metro. Police have not yet said if the bouncer was one of those three men.

The Nottinghamshire police released a statement in regards to the incident. “Nottinghamshire Police were made aware of reports circulating online of an incident in Nottingham city center, which was reported in some media outlets to have taken place on Thursday 4 January 2018,” the statement began.

“However, following further investigation, officers have established that the footage relates to an incident which officers previously responded to in the early hours of Monday 1 January 2018,” the statement further explained. “In respect of this incident, officers arrested three men at the scene soon after the incident was reported to officers just after 2 am on Monday 1 January 2018.”

Unfortunately, the club released a statement saying that the bouncer seen in the clip had been terminated and would not be working at the venue again. In my opinion, those punks got what they deserved, and that bouncer deserves a medal for taking out the trash, which seems to be overflowing in clubs across the UK recently as liberalism tightens its stranglehold on Europe.

I have a feeling that videos like this one won’t be in short supply when people decide to punish those who were just doing the job they were hired to do in favor of whiny brats who had too much to drink and behaved badly.

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