2 Pennsylvania Thugs Get Brutal Instant Justice After Attacking 84-Year-Old Army Veteran

A shocking story has emerged out of Ellport, Pennsylvania, where two violent thugs thought it would be a good idea to break into an elderly man’s home in the middle of the night. Now, the story has gone viral after the 84-year-old Army veteran gave them a brutal dose of instant justice, and rightfully so. Let’s stamp this one “unforgiven.”

Scene of the crime (background), Ed Lutz (inset) (Photo Credits: KDKA)

According to The Post Gazette, the violent home invasion took place at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Friday, December 8, 2017, in Ellport, Pennsylvania. Police said that an 84-year-old man named Ed Lutz was awakened by the sound of the two suspects breaking into his front door. These two punks had no problem with hurting an 84-year-old man to rob him — but they were about to get a nasty dose of karma.

Mr. Lutz, who is just shy of celebrating his 85th birthday, described the horrific moment the two assailants broke into his home and grabbed him. “I woke up, they were busting in my front door… he went to grab me and that’s when I shot him,” Mr. Lutz told KDKA.

“They jumped me and we both went on the floor and I scuffled with them on the floor and the one guy rolled over dead. The other guy, he jumped up and he ran out the front door,” Lutz said, in an interview with local news station WPXI.

“Rolled over dead” is precisely what one of the punks did after Lutz grabbed his gun and shot him. That punk could not have been more wrong about his decision to victimize an innocent elderly man in his own home. I can only imagine the shock that thug was going through when Lutz put a round in him. He messed with the wrong Army vet, and it would be the last time he assaulted anyone.

Lutz told the reporter he was a little sore after the attack but other than that he was ok. The Army vet also said that he keeps his gun under his pillow and that “God was with him” the morning when the two attackers entered his home and assaulted him.

How dare these two punks break into a man’s home and drag him out of his bed in an attempt to hurt or kill him. They got what they deserved and when the district attorney’s office reviews the case to determine whether charges should be filed against Lutz, I think the decision is pretty cut and dried.

Although police have not yet identified the dead man or the other attacker who is still at large, it won’t be long until the mainstream liberal media gets a hold of the story and starts posting baby pictures of the dead thug. They never fail to vilify the victim in these cases because a homeowner who shoots an intruder doesn’t fit their ridiculous gun-control agenda. In my opinion, Lutz exercised perfect gun-control when he shot one of his assailants dead.

Lutz didn’t deserve to have his home broken into but was ready to take out the trash when it came through his door. Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. This time, an elderly Army veteran is alive and well because of his decision to make his safety his own priority. I think taxpayers and the community where Mr. Lutz lives owe him a great deal of gratitude for removing one of the thugs from society. Far too often, punks like this are arrested and spend years in jail living off of society like parasites. Thanks to Lutz, one of the violent thugs is headed for the cemetery.

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