2nd Amendment Haters Just Got Blown Away With More BAD News

Congress is asking President Donald Trump to sign a bill that will abolish an unconstitutional gun control regulation set forth by Barack Obama.

Gun-loving Americans gave President Donald Trump a mandate to restore the constitutional rights stripped away from us by Barack Obama and his freedom-hating cronies. Now, those corrupt liberals who laughed at law-abiding gun owners for 8 years just got blown away with an epic announcement from Washington, D.C., and we couldn’t be happier.

According to a report by Hot Air, the U.S. Senate just sent a bill to Trump’s desk on Feb 15th, destroying Obama’s infamous gun control regulation which allows the Social Security Administration to stop some law-abiding Americans from purchasing firearms. The bogus regulation was forced on us shortly before Obama left office. Thankfully, the Congressional Review Act allowed Congress to deliver a kill shot to this piece of garbage regulation.

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The U.S. Senate sent a bill to President Donald Trump’s desk on Feb. 15th, putting a stop to Obama’s unconstitutional regulation giving the Social Security Administration power to limit gun ownership.

Gun owners across the country are cheering this recent move by Congress which brings an end to one of Obama’s most underhanded policies on firearm ownership. The original regulation allowed for some Social Security disability recipients to be stripped of their right to buy firearms.

Progressives who supported Obama’s regulation said it would help keep folks who were mentally ill from obtaining deadly weapons. However, the broad power given to the Social Security Administration by Obama gave them limitless permission to take away a recipient’s constitutional rights without the presence of mental illness. Furthermore, the regulation allowed the Social Security Administration to act against an individual without an ounce of due process.

Obama’s regulation embodied the extreme hatred that progressives have for our Constitution and the freedoms it provides for us. I cannot applaud Congress enough for moving on this important issue with such speed. Now that the bill has been sent to Trump for review, we expect finality and closure to this episode of criminal regulatory behavior perpetrated against the American people.

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According to WSJ, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) spoke about the danger of such a regulation on Wednesday, emphasizing that the Social Security Administration should not be in the business of limiting gun rights and that people were added to the agency’s list without due process.

“With that type of Constitutional status, the Second Amendment requires greater effort and precision from the government in order to fairly regulate how the American people exercise their rights,” Mr. Grassley said. “This regulation simply doesn’t meet that standard.”

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There you have it; conservative voices once again making decisions on the Senate floor. It seems like it’s been a lifetime since conservatives have had a say in our government’s policies. If you are as excited as we are about this tremendous news for law-abiding gun owners in America, please spread this far and wide so that others can hear about it too.

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