WATCH: 3 Girls Take Heroin On Street & Publicly Parade Embarrassing Results

WATCH: 3 Girls Take Heroin On Street, Parade Embarrassing Results Publicly
Stock image of heroin user (left), three women who took the drug (right)

A disturbing video is going viral after a few women decided to inject heroin on what is believed to be a street in Baltimore, Maryland. Unfortunately for the women, they didn’t know how quickly they’d be indisposed after taking the illegal substance – and that’s about the time that they involuntarily began to parade the embarrassing results.

Although it’s unclear where the incident actually took place, several comments under the video indicate that the bizarre occurrence appeared to unfold on a busy street in Baltimore after a few women were able to get their hands on some drugs and couldn’t wait to get home before injecting themselves with it.

Of course, the effects were instantaneous, causing the women to virtually come to a stop right there on the sidewalk. With their lives effectively paused, the women can be seen slumped over and completely out of it.

Unfortunately for them, one passerby whipped out his phone and begin recording in order to document the disturbing incident. As seen in the clip, the three women aimlessly wander around as their bodies are no longer under their control.

With the heroin coursing through their veins, the women parade the embarrassing results of the drugs that effectively caused them to look like zombies. Unfortunately, this situation isn’t rare by any means as just over 650,000 Americans reported using heroin in 2012.

That number has surely increased as the drugs further sank their claws into powerless victims – but that’s not even the worst part. According to the CDC, almost 13,000 people died in 2015 from heroin overdose, and that number is also on the rise.

Although many people say that the war on drugs has failed, there’s a very good reason that efforts to quell the use of drugs have been unsuccessful. Its power causes people to overlook everything from personal embarrassment to even the risk of death.

However, there is a very easy way to ensure that you never get hooked on the stuff – and that’s to simply say “no.” Don’t start injecting yourself with poison, and you won’t have to worry about things getting out of hand later. Even better yet, you won’t embarrass yourself when a video of you goes viral as you look like a brainless zombie wandering on the street.

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