WATCH: 3 Louisiana Saggy-Pants Thugs Try Robbing Store, Owner Makes Them Pay

A shocking video has emerged out of Lousiana, where three saggy-pants wearing thugs thought it would be a good idea to rob a general store. Now, the clip has gone viral after the owner of the store unleased holy hell on the punks and made them pay for their criminal behavior.

Screenshots from surveillance video (Photo Credit: YouTube/W Rauf)

According to local news source KALB, the attempted robbery took place on Sunday, November 5, 2017, in Wardville, Louisiana. Police said that three suspects entered Lee Rays General Store that night and one of them was armed. Shocking surveillance footage captured the moment the three men stepped foot in the store and what the owner did that sent them running for their lives.

As seen in the clip, after the thugs stepped in the door, one of them appears to threaten the store owner who was later identified by police as Frank Issa. All three suspects appear to be wearing hoods in the video to conceal their identity. However, the store owner was not intimidated by their hoods, guns, or attitudes. In fact, Issa deals with the punks who tried to rob his store in a way they certainly didn’t expect.

After the first thug points his gun at Issa, another punk jumps up on top of the counter to get the attention of one of the other employees at the store. Other customers who were present in the store stare horrifically at what is taking place in front of them as Issa reaches for his gun. Then, it was time for payback.

In that moment, Issa’s brother was able to distract the thugs, giving him a split-second to ready his gun. The clip, which was also uploaded to Crave Online, shows Issa rising up from behind the store counter and raising his firearm to take aim at the thugs. Several shots rang out from Issa’s gun as he lit up the store with round after round. The thugs were clearly in shock as they never expected the store owner to be prepared to take out the trash.

At least one suspect appeared to be struck by a bullet. One after the other, the three punks make a desperate escape. The surveillance camera captured the moment they realized they were being shot at and then running for their lives out the door and then out of the parking lot. Issa can be seen running out the door after the punks with his firearm ready.

Issa told police that he believes he hit one of the men in the torso and another one in the arm. What a perfect example of good gun-control. This store owner deserves a medal for not being afraid to deal with the three thugs who tried to victimize him at gunpoint.

Sheriff William Earl said that one of the suspects is in the hospital and that the other has been treated and released to his parents. This statement from the sheriff suggests that the suspects are minors. In my opinion, all three of them should be tried as adults for an attempted armed robbery.

According to KALB, police are still searching for the third suspect. Hopefully, they are able to get his identity from one of his accomplices.

Every day in our country, law-abiding citizens like Issa are forced to protect their lives and property from criminal thugs like the three in this story. It won’t be long before Issa becomes the target of hate-rants from the mainstream media for having used his firearm to protect himself.

There is a growing problem in our country with the thug mentality. Young guys, like those seen in the video, are being taught from a young age that they are entitled to other people’s property. Often, the means of obtaining that property is violence or murder. This has to stop and the parents of these degenerates are just as responsible.

It’s too bad the sheriff in Wardville can’t jail the parents for raising such violent punks. Instead, I’m sure it won’t be long before we see baby pictures of the thugs and hear statements on the news about what good boys they are and how they were just robbing the store to earn college money.

Once again the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. A store owner in Wardville, Louisiana, is alive and well because he was prepared when evil walked into his store. People like Issa understand that their personal safety is primarily their own responsibility and that is very likely what saved Issa’s life.

Unfortunately, there are many Americans who think the police can save them from a violent crime. However, the police can’t be everywhere at once, and usually, they arrive after the victim has already been hurt or murdered.

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