3 Playboy Playmates Volunteer Their “Services” In Mexico, There’s Just One Huge Problem

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Mexican Federal Police (left), Lauryn Elaine, Marie Brethenoux, and Elif Celik (right)

Three Playboy Playmates recently went down to Mexico to volunteer their “services” at a music festival, where they sipped bubbly and celebrated each other’s company. It was all fun and games until the cops showed up and discovered one huge problem before taking the playmates to Stupidville, and rightfully so.

According to the New York Post, the trio included playmates Lauryn Elaine, Elif Celik, and Marie Brethenoux, who were arrested by immigration police and tossed in a fabulous Mexican jail after being accused of working the Playboy Music Fest in Merida, Mexico, on June 30, 2017, without work visas. The models tried to explain to the police that they were simply “volunteering” their services at the event and not being paid, but they were still arrested and taken to jail. This is when things took a turn for the worse for the bunnies.

Lauryn Elaine (left), Marie Brethenoux (center), Elif Celik (right) (Photo: Fox News)

According to Fox News, the playmates were jailed for 24 hours during which they claim they had to beg for food and water. “Around midnight, immigration came and busted into our party when all of us girls were sitting at our VIP tables enjoying champagne and music. They then rounded us up into a large room and weeded us all out by checking everyone’s IDs,” Elaine told Fox News.

“We do not get paid for these events so we were wrongfully taken because they abused their authority and thought they could shake down Playboy Mexico by taking us,” she added. “We came to Mexico to celebrate each other’s company and to gain publicity with our fans by coming to these parties in Meridá and Cancun.”

Who knows if the playmates were being paid or not. Perhaps they had to come up with a fast excuse to get out of the Mexican jail. Just because you happen to be a playmate doesn’t mean that you can disregard the law of other countries, and it appears ignorance is the huge problem here.

The disgruntled models took to social media after their release to complain about how they were treated. “Happy to be out!!! Being in Mexican Immigration detainment was AWFUL!! They were so mean !” Elaine posted on Instagram, along with a frowning face emoji, on Sunday. Since the incident, Playboy Mexico released a statement describing the detainment as a “misunderstanding.”

I couldn’t agree more. This hilarious situation is a result of the playmate’s lack of understanding and basic common sense. It truly is epic when self-entitled brats who take their clothes off for a living get hit with a brutal dose of reality. These adult entertainers simply pushed their celebrity mentality too far and they got caught. Maybe now they understand that in the real world, there are consequences to bad decisions and, shockingly, not everyone eats rainbows for breakfast and rides a unicorn to the shopping mall.

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