3 SC Thugs Try To Rape Pretty College Girl, Media Doesn’t Want You To Know Sick Motives

3 SC Thugs Try Raping Pretty White Girl, Media Doesn’t Want You To Know Sick Reason Why
Raquan Green (left), stock image for visual representation (center), Jordan Dinsmore (right)

Three South Carolina thugs have been brought into custody after trying to rape a pretty girl from a local college. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has so far failed to bring national attention to this crime – and it’s likely due to the sick motives behind why the thugs did it.

According to The State, it all started when 20-year-old Jordan Dinsmore, a Midlands Tech student in Columbia, South Carolina, pulled into her parking spot for the night. What she didn’t see were the three black teens, including Raquan Green,17, as well as two unidentified 15-year-olds, who had jumped out from behind a tree line and were making their way to her car.

Without warning, the thugs opened Dinsmore’s car door, stuck a gun in her face, and threatened to pull the trigger if she didn’t stop screaming. At that point, the trio made their intentions clear as they demanded the woman’s phone and purse – but they weren’t done there.

Wanting more, the thugs then tried to get into the car only to struggle with the car locks. When this took too long, one of the younger teens took off running in fear of the police catching them in the act. As it turns out, the other two soon made their way inside the vehicle, but after seeing that their victim was driving a stick shift, which they apparently didn’t know how to operate, they demanded Dinsmore drive them to a local ATM.

There, they forced the girl to withdraw the maximum $300 that the ATM would allow — but things were far from over. The thugs then instructed Dinsmore to travel to yet another destination before telling her that she would be having sex with one of their friends, WYFF4 reports.

At that point, Dinsmore knew she had to do something as her mother’s sound advice kept playing through her head as she once told her that if she ever found herself in such a situation to 1) stay calm, 2) don’t let them get you alone, and 3) try to escape. “If they get you out of the public eye, they’re going to do something worse to you and shoot you anyway,” Dinsmore recalled her mother saying.

Knowing that she had to act before being taken advantage of or worse, the intended rape victim did something truly remarkable. Ignoring her attackers’ instructions to turn down a dark quiet road, she kept driving until she saw three cars sitting at an intersection.

Without warning, Dinsmore opened the door and rolled out as the car was driving about 35 miles per hour. Of course, the car kept traveling, and seeing how the thugs inside didn’t know how to operate it, they were helpless as it rolled off the road and into some brush. Dinsmore was able to flag down someone for help.

Unfortunately, there’s only one reason Dinsmore’s story isn’t making national headlines, and it likely has to do with her attackers’ motives which were later learned. Come to find out, “They did not like white people and they were only going to rob white people,” Sheriff Leon Lott explained. In short, Dinsmore’s attack was racially motivated.

Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t like stories like this because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Although they like to defend minorities, which isn’t a problem if it’s fair and balanced, they will ignore real crimes if it gets in the way of their liberal agenda. In the end, not telling the truth when you’re in the news industry is just as bad as taking part in the attack yourself. And outlets like CNN wonder why they are stuck with the bad reputation that they currently have. It’s simple, they’ve earned it at this point.