WATCH: 3 Thugs Attack Lone Teen, Shocked When He Unleashes Nasty Surprise

For reasons unknown, a pack of three thugs decided it would be appropriate to attack a lone teen. Unfortunately for them, their plan would later backfire as they learned the nasty surprise their intended victim had in store for them – and now, video of the incident has since gone viral.

[WATCH] 3 Thugs Attack Teen, Shocked When He Unleashes Nasty Surprise
Images from the viral video (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Few details regarding the ordeal are currently known as even the location has yet to be determined. Although many have also been left wondering what led up to the fight, what onlookers caught on video once they whipped out their cell phones is starting to spread around social media.

As can be seen, a single teen is surrounded by a rather large mob. Clearly acting in defense as his back is against a wall, the video starts knee-deep in the action. With the fight already having begun, the footage starts after the teen had already knocked down one of his aggressors and landed a kick to his face to put the thug out of commission for good.

Even better yet, the “thump” that his foot made on his attacker’s face prompted quite the reaction from onlookers as one could even be heard shouting, “Ohh, sh*t!” However, things were far from over as a few more apparently felt emboldened to take a shot at the young man, despite watching what just took place.

Sadly, it seems that the kid’s aggressor brought a few friends with him, and after seeing their buddy knocked out rather quickly, they decided to step in to defend his honor. Too bad for them, it seems that they may have wanted to sit this one out.

With energies rising and the crowd erupting, two more thugs jump in and begin to threaten the boy who’d been victorious once before. In an attempt to see if it was skill or just luck, another aggressor takes the place of the first and starts right in – but this is where things take a turn.

Little did they know, it wasn’t so much chance that caused the results in the first fight, it was his training, as the kid being attacked actually had quite a nasty trick up his sleeve. With just a few punches landed, the thug quickly realizes his mistake.

You see, what these thugs didn’t know is that the teen who they all tried to jump was actually training to be a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. Even worse yet – at least, for them – they were all about to get their butts kicked in the same fashion that their friend just experienced.

Throwing nasty jabs and massive knees, the teen is able to take on anything that comes his way. At one point, the intended victim is knocked to the ground, but things are far from over. In fact, it seems that this is when the kid being attacked seems to settle in.

Seeming most comfortable wrestling around on the ground, the kid being attacked shows off his grappling skills that he learned in order to fend off attackers who may have gotten the upper hand for a moment. After wrapping his legs around the thug’s head and putting him in what appears to be an armbar, it isn’t long before the crowd jumps in to break things up for their buddy.

Honestly, I love a story with a happy ending. Although fight videos are entertaining, seeing three guys get the snot kicked out of them because they didn’t know their intended target was an MMA fighter is about as good as it comes. I’d say hopefully these thugs learned their lesson when it comes to attacking people, but that’s rarely ever the case. In the meantime, at least they’ll have the fun of licking their wounds after getting the snot kicked out of them.