Outrage: 3 Trump-Hating Judges Who Granted Obama’s Wiretap Hid Big Secret

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President Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama (right)

A breaking development in Barack Obama’s wiretapping scandal has uncovered 3 judges who cooperated with Obama, the Clintons, and the FBI to sabotage President Donald Trump’s campaign, adding them to the list of corrupt government officials. The warrant obtained from the treasonous judges was used to carry out surveillance on Trump, but it gets much worse as the secret that these judges tried to hide is made public.

In order to truly appreciate the impact of this new bombshell in the Obama wiretapping scandal, it is necessary for us to name these Unites States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC, also called FISA Court) judges and discuss a little history about them.

Judge William Curtis Bryson, 72 (Photo: Wikipedia)

Judge William Curtis Bryson was appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review on September 29, 1994, to replace Howard Thomas Markey who vacated his seat on April 30, 1991. Bryson assumed senior status to the 3 judge panel on January 7, 2013.

Judge Jose A. Cabranes, 76 (Photo: Wikipedia)

Jose A. Cabranes was appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review on August 10, 1994, to replace Richard J. Cardamone who vacated his seat on November 13, 1993.

Judge Richard C. Tallman, 64 (Photo: Wikipedia)

Richard C. Tallman was appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review on May 25, 2000, to replace Betty Binns Fletcher who vacated her seat on November 1, 1998.

A quick review of the appointment dates listed for each of these judges reveals one thing. All three of these judges were hand-picked and appointed by none other than former President William J. Clinton. These men were placed in positions of power for a very specific reason by the Clinton crime family.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Obama was first denied a warrant to wiretap four members of Trump’s campaign staff by the FISA Court. Shortly thereafter, Obama’s administration submitted a request for an appeal to this 3 panel Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, conveniently made up of Bill Clinton appointees, and the fix was in. Obama succeeded with this crucial step in monitoring the opposing party during the most sacred election in our country. This is treason.

Barack Obama obtained the wiretap to spy and then share the information obtained from surveillance on the competing campaign with Hillary Clinton. His administration fabricated a story about a link to a Russian-backed bank as justification for the warrant.

This scandal is breaking wide open, and it’s far worse than anyone could have imagined. The tremendous disappointment and outrage that American patriots feel, as a result of finding out that even our highest level of judiciary government officials conspired against Trump, is beyond the ability that words can describe.

The fight has just begun, and America is truly in peril at the hands of deep-rooted evildoers within our government. The importance of spreading this information cannot be emphasized enough. People suffer and perish for a lack of understanding, and it is far past time for Americans to understand exactly how dangerous our situation has become. Please do not let these corrupt judges go unmentioned in your next conversation about our country’s struggle against progressivism. Share this information with others as best you can.

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