4 Die, 9 More Collapse In Indiana Town … All With One Deadly Item In Hand

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4 Die, 9 more Collapse In Indiana Town… All With One Alarming Item In Hand
Stock image of police and EMTs

An Indiana town was recently thrust into chaos after 13 people collapsed, prompting first responders to come rushing. Unfortunately, four of those people would later die – but the most shocking part comes as they all had one deadly item in hand at the time.

The incident took place in Muncie, Indiana over the past three days. Sadly, as the calls continued to roll in, it wasn’t long before medical professionals started to notice a disturbing trend.

According to first responders, they noticed that the victims, both dead and alive, all had one thing in their hands at the time – a needle. As a result, authorities are now blaming a “bad batch” of heroin for leading to a dramatic spike in the number of overdoses in recent days.

4 Die, 9 more Collapse In Indiana Town… All With One Alarming Item In Hand

“This drug epidemic we’ve got is killing people,” said Muncie Police Chief Joe Winkle. “Every time there’s a new batch (of heroin) that comes in, we see a spike in ODs.” As a result, the police chief states that representatives of his department would be meeting with prosecutors to discuss the growing dilemma.

Sadly, the problem isn’t anything new for the area as the county’s ambulance service had responded to seven to ten heroin calls daily over a Friday-through-Sunday period just this last September. Furthermore, Delaware County executive director of emergency medical services Jason Rogers said his staff administered 21 doses of the overdose antidote Narcan over the first five days of the month.

Most Americans know that drugs are extremely dangerous, but for those who are already hooked to the addicting substances, the “need” for their next “fix” often outweighs the risk. Although this country has put a lot of time, money, and effort into fighting the war on drugs, it’s clear that it’s not exactly working.

Maybe it’s time to start looking at how to deal with the threat differently – which is exactly what Winkle is hinting toward. Fortunately, for anyone not wanting to be found laying unconscious in the streets, there is one simple solution — just stay away from the crap. It’s not worth your life.