4 Florida Thugs Attempt Home Robbery, Get Brutal Justice When Victim Wasn’t Ready To Die

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Aswad Velazquez (left), the scene of the home invasion (right), Tareak Ilarrez (inset, top), Isiah Velazquez (inset, center), Lawrence Alexis (inset, bottom) (Photo: Facebook)

A Florida man was recently horrified to find four thugs at his front door trying to break in as his wife and children slept. Now, the story has gone viral after the “alpha male” in the gang tried to shoot the fed-up victim in the face but got a brutal surprise when his victim decided he wasn’t ready to die.

According to Palm Beach Post, the shocking home invasion attempt took place in Lake County, Florida. Police say that 22-year-old Aswad Emmanuel Velazquez, Isiah Velazquez, Tareak Ilarreza, and Lawrence Alexis tried to break into the apartment of a man whose wife and children were sleeping.

As the four thugs tried to break the chain lock on the door, Aswad reportedly tried to shoot the victim in the face, narrowly missing his ear. According to police, the fed-up victim, who was armed at the time, shot Aswad once, knocking him to the ground.

Facebook post from Aswad Velasquez’s relative after his death (Photo: Facebook)

This is when Aswad and his three accomplices should have called it quits. Instead, Lake County Sheriffs Office says that the tenant claims Aswad got back on his feet and started firing at him again. In fear for his life and the lives of his wife and children, the armed victim put multiple rounds into Aswad’s body, killing him, and rightfully so.

According to local news source WFTV, Fred Jones from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said, “He hit the suspect, the suspect went down, got back up and tried to shoot him again. That’s when he shot the suspect multiple times.” The other three criminals took Aswad to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead as a doornail.

Aswad apparently didn’t learn a damn thing the first time his victim knocked him to the ground with a bullet, and he might still be alive if he wasn’t trying to play “alpha male.” The fact of the matter is that he got exactly what he deserved for attempting a home invasion.

Police arrested Isiah Velazquez, Tareak Ilarreza, and Lawrence Alexis, and they are currently being held without bail. All three are facing charges of burglary to a structure while armed, second-degree murder, and two counts of attempted murder.

According to police, the woman who lives at the residence where the invasion took place was shot in the foot after she woke up to the sound of her husband confronting the thugs. She was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Thank God, her husband had enough foresight to own a firearm and protect his family. Because of the 2nd Amendment, a family in Lake County, Florida, is alive and well while one thug is six feet under and his accomplices sit in jail.

It will only be a matter of time until the dead thug’s family appear on mainstream media to tell what a wonderful person he was and how he was just a victim of his environment, but we know the truth. We see this scenario play out over and over in cities across America every day. While we cannot prevent people like Aswad from choosing a life of crime, we can prepare ourselves, like this would-be victim did, and exercise our right to bear arms.

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