4 Thugs Viciously Attack Pizza Guy — Make HUGE Mistake With Who Delivered

4 Thugs Viciously Attack Pizza Guy — Make HUGE Mistake With Who Delivered
One of the 4 thugs, Malik Mayer, with house on street where incident took place.

Just before closing time, Beggars Pizza got a last minute call for a pizza from four hungry thugs in Harvey, Illinois. Only one man was left on the job to deliver the order who didn’t know it was a set up until he arrived and was viciously attacked. However, the hoodrats made one massive mistake when they learned who the driver was.

Since all of the regular drivers had gone home for the night, the shop owner decided to take the order to the house himself and was happy he didn’t send one of his employees shortly after he arrived. When he pulled up to the house, he saw a man sitting on the porch, but that didn’t stop the delivery man from going to the door. He barely made it up the path when three thugs jumped out of the bushes and attacked him, while one tried to put him in a chokehold. However, the four of these scrawny rats were no match for the driver.

Assuming they would get a 5-foot-9 guy at their door, the thugs were sorely mistaken when 6-foot-3 and 250-pound former NFL linebacker Napoleon Harris showed up. The retired sports giant is now a senator but also owns two of the pizza franchises and happened to be the delivery guy that night, but a pizza wasn’t all that he brought them.

4 Thugs Viciously Attack Pizza Guy — Make HUGE Mistake With Who Delivered
250-pound former NFL linebacker Napoleon Harris

Although the men managed to get away with Harris’ wallet and the pizza after he fought them off and they ran to their getaway car, the linebacker was right behind. According to the Chicago Tribune, Harris followed the thugs to a lumberyard where they ditched their Chevy Tahoe and scampered off on foot. Harvey had called police while giving chase, and they arrived at the scene of the abandoned car and made a damning discovery inside that sealed their fate.

A trail of blood was seen inside the Tahoe which happened to belong to a missing white man by the name of Lester “Roy” Jones, who was also the registered owner of the car. Jones, from Georgia, was found dead, having been killed by the thugs who stole his Tahoe and attacked the linebacker who just got the last laugh.

Following an investigation into the whereabouts of the escaped suspects, thanks to Harris’ information and persistence in his pursuit, police caught up with three of the four suspects and brought them to justice. The fourth is expected to be arrested soon, who is believed to be hiding in Indiana.

Their attempt to attack a pizza guy for a few bucks resulted in the karma these young hoodrats had coming. They’ve been charged with murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, theft, and two counts of financial transaction card fraud. Hopefully, they will never see life outside a jail cell again. There’s no sweeter justice than it being served by a linebacker at your doorstep.