Pics Of 4-Year-Old Girl Found On ‘Dark Web,’ Viewers Horrified By What Else Camera Caught

Photos found on the “dark web” of a young girl who is between four and five years old have been going viral online after being released by police in Germany. Viewers have been horrified by what else the camera caught and have been sharing the pictures in the hopes that justice might be served for the poor, innocent child.

Photos of a 4-year-old girl have gone viral online as they are shared by concerned social media users who just want to help. (Photo Credit: BKA)

The troubling images of the little girl were first discovered in July on the “dark web,” a subsect of the internet frequented by perverts like child molesters and child pornographers who want to act on their sick fantasies without being caught. It is notoriously difficult to catch up with deviant users of the dark web.

The images found in July show the 4-year-old girl being repeatedly sexually abused. In a desperate bid to save her from what would undoubtedly amount to a lifetime of further abuse, national investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT) decided to release the upsetting photos to the public in hopes that someone might be able to identify the child and lead police to her captor. It is believed that her exploitation began in October of last year, so she has already endured an unimaginable ordeal.

Police said the videos and images of the girl being abused were first discovered in July. They believe the exploitation began in October last year.

They believe the ordeal could be ongoing because the child is thought to still be held by her abuser.

BKA investigators said that despite an extensive search, they have not identified a suspect in the case.

Because they have exhausted all leads, they have released her images in a desperate attempt to find her. [Source: Daily Mail]

The little girl in question has been described as having blonde or dark blonde hair and brown eyes. She is slim and speaks German. Anyone with information on this troubling case is asked to get in touch with police via the BKA website.

A German girl who is believed to be between the ages of four and five years old is seen being abused in horrifying images from the “dark web.” (Photo Credit: BKA)

It is a horrifying notion to think that this poor child’s pictures are being shared all over the world because of the fact that she is being held against her will and sexually abused each passing day. However, this will be a small price to pay if she can be located and thus saved from further horror. Please a take a moment out of your day to share this report containing her picture and story.

It is even possible that this young girl is being held here in the United States, as far-fetched as that might sound. Sadly, even in the U.S., where we are fortunate to have the preeminent justice system and law enforcement agencies in the world, there is still a booming sexual slavery industry, and girls are smuggled in against their will every day.

We pray that the little girl in these photos is located swiftly and that the suspect who put her through this nightmare is brought to justice. Death would surely be too light a punishment for such an animal. He should be locked up for the rest of his days, where his fellow inmates will undoubtedly make his life a living hell, forcing him to endure the same sort of torture he inflicted upon an innocent 4-year-old child.

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