5-Year-Old Boy Knocks On Woman’s Door, Says What Happened To His Naked Mom

Woman Finds 5-Year-Old Boy At Door, Horrified To Learn What Naked Mom Did
Salvatore Cicalese (left), stock photo (right)

A woman from Arizona was minding her own business when her terrified 5-year-old neighbor began knocking on her door, holding his 2-month-old sister. When she asked him what was wrong, she was left horrified to learn what happened to his mom.

Five-year-old Salvatore Cicalese had just been put to bed by his mother, Katelyn Cicalese, when his night took a bad turn. After hearing her put his 2-month-old sister to bed, he heard her hop into the shower. However, only a few minutes later, he heard a loud thud and was horrified to find his naked mother lying motionless in the shower.

Thinking on his feet, the young boy quickly grabbed his infant sister and ran for help at his neighbor’s house. As he frantically knocked on the door, his neighbor, Jessica Penyoer, was stunned to see him at her home. “He said, ‘No, my mom died in the shower. Can you take care of us?'” recalled Penoyer, according to Daily Mail.

After rushing to her neighbor’s home, Jessica found Katelyn lying naked and unconscious in the shower with the water still running. After emergency personnel arrived, it was discovered that Katelyn had blacked out from a seizure. Unfortunately, she hit her head on the way down, causing her to bleed from the head, which convinced her five-year-old son that she had died.

Woman Finds 5-Year-Old Boy At Door, Horrified To Learn What Naked Mom Did
Honorary firefighter, “Super Sal”

Thankfully, Salvatore’s actions are the reason she’s alive today. “Honestly, he saved my life, because I was under the [tap] and if he wouldn’t have got help, I don’t know, I would have drowned,” the proud mother admitted, according to Mirror. She has since made a full recovery from the incident.

A month after the seizure, Salvatore has earned the nickname “Super Sal” for saving his mother’s life. In fact, he has recently been honored by the Rural Metro Fire department for his bravery. He was presented with an honorary firefighter certificate, a patch, and a helmet in tribute to his heroic deed.

There aren’t too many kids who would be able to think quickly after finding their mother “dead” in the shower. Luckily, Salvatore is an exceptionally brave young boy for not only seeking help for him and his sister but essentially being the person who saved his mother’s life.

I know it would be terrifying as an adult to find one of your parents unconscious, much less having to do it as an innocent child. There’s no question that God was there that night, showing Salvatore exactly what needed to be done.

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