Look At The 5 Most DISGUSTING Displays Seen At The Women’s March

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We’ve compiled the five most disgusting displays by women at the Women’s March on Saturday. Oddly enough, this one above wasn’t one of the most ridiculous signs seen.

The Women’s March on Saturday, which was largely just a protest of president Donald Trump, was one of the most disgusting events in recent history. Women paraded around the streets dressed as vaginas while lecturing others about how to treat them with dignity and respect. The irony was thick, and the signs were disturbing.

Women dressed as vaginas descended upon the capitol carrying signs and being disgusting while demanding “rights.”

As asinine as this is, it didn’t make the top 5. Here’s the worst of the worst:

#5: Showing complete disrespect for men and Donald Trump, in particular, was tantamount during the women’s march. The sign below, which reads, “Whistle for the red missile” is not only disgusting and tasteless, it leaves us wondering what kind of a disturbed mind comes up with these types of gross innuendos.

A sign seen at the women’s march was discarded afterward.

#4: A woman holding a sign which reads “this machine kills fascists” with a drawn image of a uterus is rather violent. Finally, a woman admits that abortion actually kills a human being, an innocent human nonetheless, but she’s attributing all abortions to the killing of fascists. There is so much irony in this march that it is unbelievable. Unborn women deserve to be slaughtered as fascists, but the women doing the mass killing certainly couldn’t be the fascists, right? File this under the hashtag #whyfeminismmakesnosense.

A woman holds a sing in “protest” at the women’s march.

#3: Honestly, signs like the one below were not few and far between. The word “pussy” seemed to be a common thread among the liberals who thought Donald Trump somehow stole their rights 24 hours after he became the president. It’s also a little concerning how obsessed liberal women are with their genitals, especially because they aren’t the ones perpetuating the rape culture they enjoy complaining so much about.

A woman holds a sign reading, “Hey Donald, Don’t try to grab my pussy – it’s made of STEEL.”

#2: The woman below proudly displayed her willingness to use profanity and genitalia to insult the president. Now, for just one second, let’s pretend someone held this sign up referring to Barack Obama. The backlash would have been swift and immediate. Liberals are actually proving that they have more rights than conservatives. Of course, conservatives wouldn’t be so lewd and disgusting, to begin with.

#1: The vilest and most disgusting sign seen at the women’s march is likely the one below. Notice how these women think Jesus Christ should have been aborted, but not the adultering, murdering, slave owning, woman-hating Muhammad? Yes, that’s called irony, and it was displayed in the most disturbing way possible with this sign.

Women at the Women’s March hold a sign which says, “If Mary had had an ABORTION we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

The bottom line is that it’s ok to be a disgusting hypocrite who condones mass murder if you’re a woman. These women proved that they have more rights than men already because had a man dressed up as a walking penis, it’s almost certain he’d be arrested. Feminists are nothing more than communists, seeking attention, and they have no idea how horrible they made all other rational women appear by acting like she-Nazis on Saturday.