5 Muslim Refugees Gang Rape 7-Year-Old, Authorities Make Sick Confession

5 Muslim Refugees Gang Rape 7-Year-Old, Authorities Make Sick Confession
Pictured: Stock images of a child (left) and Muslim migrants (right) (Image credit: Getty)

A little girl was only seven years old when a gang of five Arabs found her and stripped her of all innocence as they brutally raped the young child. Although the crime is disturbing, the response from authorities is both revolting and unforgivable.

Police are researching a heinous crime at the Central Initial Reception Center (ZEA) in Hamburg, Germany. An alarm was raised shortly after 7 pm, and news quickly spread that a 7-year-old girl was the victim of a group sex attack. Five Arab migrants are the alleged suspects.

Refugees at the Center are certainly welcomed with open arms. The We.Inform website (Welcome Information for Refugees and Immigrants,) states the following:

“As a resident at a Central Initial Reception Centre (ZEA), you will also be given a HVV travel ticket for all public transport in Hamburg. A few days after your arrival, the social management team at your accommodation will give you this ticket. The ticket must be returned as soon as you move to secondary housing or receive official refugee status and receive all future benefits from the Jobcenter. You should then ask for a Sozialkarte (social services ticket) which entitles you to a discount on a monthly HVV ticket.”

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, after Berlin, and has 1.7 million inhabitants. Like many German cities, Hamburg continues to deal with one report after another of violence and misdeeds by refugees.

In this most recently reported case of gang rape, authorities appear to know exactly what happened. One public prosecutor, Nana Frombach, told newspapers, “We have initiated a case against five persons… There had been no urgent need for action. The investigation will continue.”

While Frambach’s words may seem official and professional at first, consider the message that they send: “There had been no urgent need for action.” An innocent child has been gang raped and molested, but prosecutors see no urgent need? This simple statement from German authorities highlights a growing disconnect between some government officials and German citizens, along with many citizens worldwide.

The refugee crisis has resulted in numerous reports of crimes such as this one, while the government appears nonchalant and unconcerned. In the United States, President Donald Trump has been branded a bigot and a racist for his stance on the refugee crisis, especially refugees from suspected terror states.

Many Americans would prefer to have a president who is considered “biased” over having to deal with fears of what refugees may do to their children rather than have their child experience what this little girl did. As people learn of these kinds of atrocities, they become more convinced than ever that they do not want the United States to become another Germany.

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