5 Thugs Try To Kill Cops Roadside, Get Nasty Surprise They Never Saw Coming

A pair of Oklahoma City police officers stopped a man for a traffic violation but couldn’t get him to follow orders and hang up his phone, so they were forced to call for backup. Shortly after two more officers arrived, a pack of four thugs were right behind them and attempted to kill all four cops, but the criminals got a nasty surprise they didn’t see coming.

 5 Thugs Try To Kill Cops Roadside Get Nasty Surprise They Never Saw Coming
Tavone Payne and his pack of thugs

Tavone Payne was driving alone through town at about 9:30 p.m. when two patrolling officers saw him commit a moving vehicle violation. Although he stopped when instructed to pull over, things took an immediate turn for the worst when one officer overheard Payne on the phone telling others to come to the traffic stop.

They called for backup of their own, but moments later, all officers were under attack when the gang members showed up in what is believed to have been a set up that didn’t go as well as the cop killers hoped when someone else arrived. The original officers put Payne in the back of their patrol car for a license violation and were searching his vehicle when the friends came to the scene and started opening fire on the officers.

The four cops ducked behind their vehicles for cover but couldn’t fire back since they were unable to tell where the shots were coming from in the apparently planned attack, Oklahoma City Police Officer Megan Morgan said, according to News 9. A bullet grazed one officer’s hand and was later found in his jacket.

Thinking they had killed at least one officer, Donye Smiley, Trent Colbert, Marcus Robertson, and Samuel Carolina fled the scene, leaving Payne behind in the patrol car. In Carolina’s haste to get out of there, he dropped his sweatshirt and a 9mm handgun.

A couple of days after the December 8 attack, the thugs, believed to be Hoover Crip gang members, thought they had gotten away with their plan when karma caught up to them. A witness to the attack confirmed that the sweatshirt found at the scene was the one Carolina was wearing when he opened fire on the officers, which made issuing warrants for the gang members easy.

When the four were least expecting it, Oklahoma City Police Officers and the U.S. Marshals showed up and arrested them and charged them with multiple felonies, including four counts of Shooting with an Intent to Kill, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Conspiracy to Commit a Felony. Payne, who was just the decoy to call the gangbangers onto the scene, was charged with far less than his friends, only getting hit with Marijuana Possession.

All officers on the scene that night escaped relatively unscathed despite the gang members’ best efforts to kill them. Only one cop was struck and slightly injured but has already made a full recovery, whereas the thugs who did this to them are where they belong — behind bars — and will be there for years to come. If left to the mainstream media and Black Lives Matter sympathizers, it was the cops’ fault for stopping this “misunderstood” man who was simply on his phone, regardless of the fact that he was calling in the planned attack.