5-Year-Old Idaho Girl Was Sexual Assaulted By Muslims, But It Just Got Worse

On June 2, a 5-year-old little girl from Twin Falls, Idaho was sexually assaulted by Sudanese and Iraqi immigrants at the apartment complex they shared. Since the horrifying incident, authorities have been maliciously burying the story, intent on protecting the vile perpetrators while ignoring the plight of the little girl and her family. Unfortunately for the traumatized little girl, things just keep getting worse.


A month has passed since her daughter’s alleged sexual assault, and the mother says her little girl is still suffering greatly from the attack while local authorities are up to their same antics, stone walling information about the case. Shelly, whose name has been changed for safety reasons, says she is still being prohibited from accessing basic documents related to the case, including the 911 transcript and initial police and medical reports.

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Perhaps even more disturbing is that her little girl is still being traumatized by one of the perpetrators since one of the Iraqi refugees still lives next door, despite the migrant family being served an eviction notice by the apartment manager.


The mother is frantic to relocate her daughter to a safe location and has since set up a GoFundMe campaign to go towards the cost of moving her family. The family is also in need of a lawyer since the one assigned to the case is not working on their behalf but rather determined to sweep the incident under the rug.

“We are trying to move but the child [perpetrator] does still live here next to us. I don’t let her play outside, and my child feels like a prisoner in her own home,” the mother Shelly said.

Shelly recounted what happened the day of the brutal attack, saying it all happened so fast, within a short 10 minutes. She had left her daughter for a few minutes in order to run inside and use the bathroom. When she came back in three minutes, her daughter had vanished, as the boys had that quickly snatched her daughter and dragged her into a nearby laundry facility.

Laundry facility where the 5-year-old little girl was brutally gang raped

“I was outside with her and had to use the restroom real fast and by the time I got out she was gone. I was freaking out.”

Shelly was alerted by Joline Payne, an elderly resident who went inside the laundry room and witnessed the 14-year-old perpetrator filming something in the laundry room. She realized what was going on and intervened, putting a stop to what they were doing. Payne told the boys to put their clothes back on and then alerted the mother.

“When she saw me she said ‘you need to call the cops.’ She called and I called as well. It took two to two and a half hours for them to get here,” Shelly said. “That’s why I wanted to see the police report because I know they’re going to change that.”

During a city-council meeting several days later, Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury said that the police arrived at the scene in a “timely manner,” but Shelly said this is a complete fabrication.


“But they did not arrive in a timely manner,” Shelly said. “We called and said there was a little girl who was just raped. Does that not matter to them? They, I guess, were busy. It was Western Days. But what if someone was dying? I just don’t get it.”

Shelly stays home with both of her children, and her son, who was diagnosed with autism, also suffers from developmental disabilities. Her fiancé struggles to provide for the family, working a low-income job as a chef, where he has no health insurance to cover the little girl’s medication for liver disease. Compile that with this horrifying ordeal and the media and local authorities turning their backs on them.

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“The local media, I feel like they’re against us, because they get the wrong story and they switch it around,” Shelly stated. “I won’t even talk to the local media. I just think everything they say is B.S.”

“As victims it just makes us feel like they’re treating us like we’re the criminals. I called the victim’s advocate a few times to get the records and she said ‘I told you several times now you can’t have nothing.’ And she’s like ‘why do you want this stuff?’ And I tell her because it’s my daughter and I want to know and I have a right to it under our Constitution.”

The entire attack on their daughter was caught on video after the 14-year-old recorded the incident, but Shelly says she could not bring herself to watch it. After her fiancé watched the video of his little girl being brutally assaulted, he was so traumatized that he is now in counseling to help him cope.

“He is missing a lot of work because it is hard for him to work, and when he goes to counseling we have to pay for it out of pocket,” she said. “He needs the counseling. It was hard for him to stay back because when this happened he wanted to hurt somebody. That is his baby.”

Nothing has been done to punish the perpetrators. They oldest two were released from juvenile detention in less than a week, and the youngest boy was never even detained.

“He was under house arrest but he doesn’t have the [monitoring] bracelet. It’s supervised by the parent,” Shelly said. “And they changed the no-contact order from 300 yards to 100 feet. It’s like we’re the ones that are getting all of the bad news, like we did something wrong.”

Her daughter not only has to deal with the trauma of being sexually assaulted at 5 years of age but also suffers from a rare liver disease that makes her sensitive to the sunlight.

“She can’t be out there but 5 minutes at a time with medication,” Shelly said. “She doesn’t understand why she can’t go outside and play. She’s still traumatized really bad. This week she starts in counseling. When she sees boys, she’ll tell me ‘those are bad boys, those are all bad boys.’”

Despite locals trying to downplay the incident and some media outlets even denying that a rape occurred, an Idaho attorney has reviewed Idaho’s statutes on rape and says that what happened classifies as rape in this circumstance. Idaho Statute, Section 18-6101, defines “rape” as “the penetration, however slight, of the oral, anal or vaginal opening.”

“I think she falls under this statute. She’s incapable of consenting, she may very well have been threatened with force or violence,” said attorney Mark Guerry who reviewed the Idaho Statute. “But, part of what’s going on, in my opinion, is the state is trying to keep this thing well under the radar so they can make a decision about how to handle this without having to face the public, and be able to dispose of it as fast as they can without it reflecting badly on them. Nobody wants the scandal of protest over someone being injured by a Muslim immigrant. Doesn’t sound to me that any of this would have ever come to light were it not for the public and people like yourself.”

In addition to locals white washing the incident, the immigration status of the perpetrators is also being kept secret. Authorities have only released that one of the attackers is from Sudan and the others from Iraq, and they have been residing in the United States for about two years.

“That means they are likely not yet U.S. citizens and may not even have green cards, although the latter status is a possibility. A green card affords the holder to legal permanent residency and nearly all of the same rights as a U.S. citizen. If, however, they are still here on visas, that leaves open the option of deportation,” Guerry said. “The government could begin deportation proceedings based on their conduct alone, moral turpitude, even before any conviction is entered,” he said. “Now they’re juveniles so that’s probably not going to happen, because the immigration system is going to be hesitant to deport children if their parents aren’t involved in the crime. But I think ICE could start proceedings if they are here on temporary visas at this point.”

According to Guerry, the family’s Constitutional rights are being violated by the local government since they are blocking the family from getting information pertaining to the case, as Article 1 Section 22 of the Idaho Constitution lays out 10 rights of victims that can’t be violated. Number 9 lists the explicit right to “to read presentness reports related to the crime.”

“I think those things should be made available to the family. They’re all personal, medical records about yourself. You can always request medical records about yourself,” Guerry said, regardless of whether a case is sealed by a judge. “This is a little girl, and in this case her parents should be getting the medical records, they should be getting the 911 report. They should be able to request that and at a minimum they should be able to sit down with the prosecutor or deputy prosecutor and review all the files, that’s just respect and fairness to the victim. Whether they continue to stonewall on that, I imagine they will, but the state Constitution does have certain guarantees.”

Shelly said the Constitution doesn’t seem to matter as much as protecting the rights of the refugees who assaulted her little girl.

“We’re in America, and just because they’re refugees, you need to be treated the same as if you were an American and you did this,” she said. “They shouldn’t have special privileges just because they’re refugees. You come to our country you need to follow our laws.”

Right now, the charges by the local Twin Falls prosecutor against the refugees are purposefully vague since the term “sexual assault” is too broad to define exactly what the perpetrators are being charged with.

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“Attempted penetration would be sexual assault as well,” Guerry said. “A rape typically involves penetration but what about sexual battery? A sexual assault encompasses all of these things. Sexual assault is really sort of an umbrella that all these crimes come under, so they are being deliberately vague, deliberately obtuse. They are not going into specifics, whatever the reason may be. They may think it needs to remain confidential because the boys are more likely to be subjected to some kind of public punishment based on what the public knows.”

It’s unconscionable that this sort of thing is not only going on in America but that certain Americans have also turned their back on this little girl in order to protect the rights of the vicious perpetrators because the story goes against their depraved agenda. All we can do is continue to bring light to this story and support the family, who is still suffering greatly due to the continued callous negligence of local officials. If you would like to donate to this family, you can do so here.

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