50 Illegals Busted In Michigan After Authorities Make Grotesque Discovery

Agents at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) certainly are staying busy these days. President Donald Trump has clearly communicated the mandate to crack down on illegal immigration, and his agencies are following through. One investigation in Michigan revealed a sinister discovery, and now massive amounts of illegal immigrants are paying the price for their inhumane deeds that were uncovered.

Law enforcement authorities in Detroit made a major find while investigating an illegal gambling ring, one that included cockfighting and other criminal activity. Cockfighting, in its own right, is a disgusting practice. As described with the photo below:

“Before the start of a fight in the cockpit, the gamecocks are carefully prepared by attaching razor sharp metal spurs to their natural spurs. Not only cockfighters can earn money (if they win the fight); spectators can make wagers on the outcome of the fight. Often, the fight ends only after one of the gamecocks is fatally injured.”

Detroit Free Press reports that authorities raided a building in southwest Detroit on Saturday, where cockfighting and illegal gambling were suspected. One hundred and forty federal, state, and local law enforcement officials swarmed the facility, following an investigation that had gone on for several months. Eighty-six people and 100 birds were discovered at the location.

“We made approximately 50 administrative arrests for individuals who were in violation of immigration law,” said Khaalid Walls, a spokesman for ICE.  “And those individuals will be detained in ICE custody pending removal proceedings.”

Criminal charges are pending, and 50 illegals are being detained by ICE as they face deportation. Walls also stated that the community was relieved to see the operation finally come to an end. Understandably, people do not want to see this kind of thing happening on American soil, right in their back yards.

The raid was part of a joint initiative and included officials from Homeland Security Investigations, the U.S. Border Patrol, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, along with both the Trenton and the Detroit Police Departments.

President Donald Trump’s plan is clearly working. Not only are the streets of American cities being cleaned up, but grotesque, unheard of crimes are being discovered as committed at the hands of illegals. Trump is committed to “Making America Great Again,” and many illegal immigrants are finally seeing their misdeeds catch up with them.

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