The Story Of 6 Girls Assaulted By Muslim At Waterpark Just Got MUCH Worse

Six underage girls were sexually assaulted by a Syrian migrant at West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark in Canada. (Credit: Express)

A concerning report was recently released out of Canada surrounding the sexual assault of six young girls by a Syrian migrant. The girls, all of them under the age of 16, were enjoying themselves at the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark when 39-year-old Soleiman Hajj Soleiman molested each of them underwater. As if this weren’t horrifying enough, their tragic ordeal has now gotten much worse.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a radical leftist who refused to even show his face at President Donald Trump’s inauguration last month, has responded to Trump’s recent travel ban by welcoming the same dangerous refugees into his own country. Well, it didn’t take long for the most vulnerable of Canada’s citizens to pay the price for Trudeau’s far left policies.

Just two weeks after promising refugees that they were unconditionally welcome in Canada, six girls were assaulted by a Syrian migrant and father of six. They immediately took action, reporting the attacks to a lifeguard, and the migrant has since been charged with six counts of sexual assault and another six counts of sexual interference. The horror for the six little girls would not end there, though.

According to Creeping Sharia, instead of condemning the perverted acts of Syrian migrant Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, the Canadian media is now making the situation much worse by working overtime to sweep the entire story under the rug. Wouldn’t want refugees painted in a bad light now, would we?

Canadian reporter Faith Goldy has exposed that the media is trying to play Soleiman’s attack off as a “one-time” incident. However, this is far from true. “Just because the mainstream media is not reporting it, that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening,” she said.

As Goldy points out, it’s high time the media begins to acknowledge that Justin Trudeau’s radical progressivism is putting the people of Canada in harm’s way. This is not the first time young people have been victimized by Muslims who have migrated to Canada from countries where the sexual assault of minor girls is rampant. It’s time to stop hiding behind fickle concepts like “acceptance” and “tolerance.”

Furthermore, it’s time the media stops revictimizing those who have suffered the consequences of these “progressive” ideals. Just imagine enduring such a traumatic event only to have it downplayed as “no big deal, nothing to see here.” Tell me again how the left is all about women and women’s rights when they are partaking in this kind of assault by not only welcoming in the offenders but silencing their victims’ stories as well.

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