8 Days After Texas Church Shooting, ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Reveals 1 Detail We All Missed

Eric Reed was sitting in the sun, enjoying adult beverages with his girlfriend when a crazed gunman shot up a Texas church a week-and-a-half ago. However, when word of the tragedy reached him, he couldn’t help but start asking questions. He was now revealed one detail about the massacre which many missed in the wake of the tragedy.

Eric Reed (left), Dozens of people stand in the rain to pray and sing together at the memorial crosses near the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church one week after 26 people were killed inside in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on November 12, 2017 (right) (Photo Credit: Eric Reed/Facebook, Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

During the Obama administration, when gun rights were under assault like never before, Reed founded the organization Gun Rights Across America, which advocates for the inalienable Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. By trade, Reed is an airline pilot, but at heart, he’s just “a good guy with a gun.”

“As I have just returned from a fabulous week with my girlfriend in Cancun, I can’t help but reflect on the tragedy that swept across our great nation just a little over a week ago,” Reed wrote on Facebook on Monday. “The day that Devin Kelley walked into a church where others went to find peace, to worship, and brutally murdered them,” he added.

“And during my vacation I found myself wondering, what if,” Reed continued. “What if there were laws outlawing the sale, possession, and ownership of these so-called assault rifles? Would that church massacre still have occurred? What if all guns were illegal, just as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama eluded to when they mentioned Australia’s gun control? Would we be safer?” he asked.

“The answer to those questions is simple: there is no single law that could’ve ever been made that would’ve prevented this senseless tragedy!” he declared. “You see, it’s quite simple really. What tragedy happened right before the Texas church shooting – the tragedy that the media has conveniently stopped reporting on? Do you remember that rental truck from Home Depot that mowed over a crowd of New Yorkers on a bicycle trail?” he added.

“When someone has evil in their heart, when someone wants to kill, THEY WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY!” wrote Reed. “We can scream for gun control, knife control, truck control, but they will always find a way. The problem isn’t the tool, it’s their heart,” he went on.

“Perhaps you remember the Columbine High School shooting in the 1990’s,” Reed’s Facebook post went on. “Shooter Eric Harris brought 13 magazines unleashing over 90 rounds from his Hi-Point semi-automatic weapon before killing himself. This all occurred under the assault weapons ban from 1994!” he reminded readers.

“That ban stopped nothing! Why?” asked Reed. “Because Eric Harris, just like Devin Kelley, was an evil piece of S**T! I hate to break it to you, but it really is that simple. So how do we stop it? That answer is also simple. How was Devin Kelley stopped?” he asked, rhetorically.

“Stephen Willeford, a good guy with an AR-15, heard the shots coming from the church,” wrote Reed. “Stephen Willeford realized he had to do something. He retrieved his rifle from his safe, took cover behind a vehicle, and engaged the shooter when he emerged from the church,” he added.

“Following a 10-15 minute car chase, Devin Kelley lost control of his vehicle and crashed,” Reed explained. “It was unclear why that happened at first, but we now know that two of Willeford’s bullets found their mark, critically injuring Kelley. It’s true that the final fatal gunshot was fired by Kelley himself, but had it not been for two very brave Texans, Devin Kelley would’ve likely gotten away,” Reed said.

“And what would’ve been the ramifications if that would’ve happened?” he asked. “We all know Kelley was a ticking time bomb that went off. He wouldn’t have stopped. He wouldn’t have turned himself in. He would’ve done it again! And if you believe any different, than [sic] I’ve got a unicorn with the winning Powerball ticket to sell you!” he added.

“And as my girlfriend and I laid by the pool sipping margaritas in our Mexican Paradise, I found myself occasionally thinking about this madman and feeling sorrow for the victims and their families,” wrote Reed. “I thought about how fortunate we all are as Americans to enjoy the freedoms that we do. The freedoms that many brave men and women gave their lives to protect!” he continued.

“I also realized that now, more than ever, gun control is nothing more than a myth – a fairytale,” he added. “Just like Chicago that has the strictest gun control in the nation, and has no gun-related homicides…. Oh wait!” Reed wrote with sarcasm.

“So next time you hear an anti-gun politician saying that we need to do something, they’re actually right! WE DO!” Reed went on. “You want to do something? You can. Learn how to defend yourself and those you love, with deadly force if necessary. Get some training. Learn how to properly and safely use a firearm. Learn the laws in your state relating to self-defense with a firearm,” he concluded. “And then go buy a gun! Carry it every day. Because it’s always better to have a gun and not need it, than need a gun and not have it!”

Reed signed his open letter to his fellow Americans from “Just Another Good Guy With a Gun.” We’d all do well to take his advice in an increasingly hostile climate. Go out and get yourself a gun, pray that you never need to use it, but know how to do so if the wolf growls at the door.

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