After 8 Men Gang Rape 14-Year-Old Girl, Cops Horrified To See What Ringleader’s Mother Did

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Eight Men Gang Rape 14-Year-Old Girl, Cops Horrified To Learn What Else They Did
Stock photo to depict a victim of a violent rape (left), Miguel Pagan (right)

A 14-year-old girl from Connecticut was kidnapped and raped by eight sick men. However, once she was able to get away, cops were horrified to learn what else the monsters had done to her, but the ringleader’s mother took the utterly sickening situation to another level.

The victim, who has remained anonymous due to her age, thought she was hanging out with a friend, who she referred to as “Wookie,” when all hell broke loose. Instead of having a good time, she was taken to the basement of his recording studio, where he and seven of his friends repeatedly raped her, among other horrifying things.

New Britain Police officers were first notified of a missing teen on April 7th, after the 14-year-old’s foster mother discovered that the girl wasn’t with her biological mother. In fact, once the girl’s biological mother checked Facebook messenger, it didn’t take her long to realize that the teen hadn’t been active for more than 16 hours – which was beyond odd for the teen.

After a bit of investigating, the biological mother soon learned that her daughter was last seen with the man called “Wookie,” who was later identified as Miguel Pagan. Although reports are conflicting, it seems that a friend of the family was able to assist “police in arranging for the victim to be dropped off around the area of the McDonald’s parking lot in the New Britain Plaza,” according to NBC Connecticut, without Pagan being implicated.

Once cops were able to interview the victim, she admitted that she had been kidnapped by the man she knew as “Wookie.” The teen explained that she tried to escape through a window, but failed and was then restrained after the attempt. Making matters even more sickening, he and seven other friends would repeatedly rape her over the course of six days and had “fun” taking turns on the fifth day.

Unfortunately, even cops were left horrified to learn what else had happened while the girl was in the sick men’s grasp. Although they had drugged her with Molly, cut her, and threatened her with a gun, it’s what Pagan’s mother did that took things from bad to so much worse.

With the victim’s statement, police were able to obtain a search warrant which would later produce a conversation between Pagan and his mother, who “claimed she knew what was going on and he would be charged with rape if he didn’t stop. She also told him, ‘Use condoms. No evidence,'” according to Crime Online.

Pagan has since been apprehended and pleaded not guilty to trafficking a person, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, unlawful restraint, kidnapping with a firearm, and two counts of risk of injury to a minor by sexual contact last month. He is currently being held on a $1 million bond. Unfortunately, the other seven men involved in the rape and kidnapping have not been identified or arrested, nor has the mother who raised this monster.

It’s truly disturbing to think that there are men out there who have gotten away with gang raping an innocent young teen and that any mother would give their child advice on how to get away with harming someone else’s child. Although only one rapist has been forced to face the repercussions of his crimes, it’s only a matter of time before the others are caught, and Pagan’s sick mother should be locked away with him. She might have gotten away with her depravity for now, but in the end, God knows what happened and will undoubtedly give her and the rapists the “justice” they deserve for what they did to this girl – eternal punishment in hell.