ABC/Disney Fires Roseanne, Hires Pedophile To Work On Kids Shows

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According to the liberal entertainment industry, a perceived racist comment by a top star who supports President Donald Trump is a reason to fire someone, but being a convicted child rapist is not a reason to not hire someone to be around kids. That is apparently the position that the Disney company has taken as it fired Roseanne Barr but hired a pedophile to be around kids.

Brian Peck (left), Roseanne Barr (right) Brian Peck on “Boy Meets World” inset. (Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images, Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Screenshot)

ABC Network, owned by Disney, fired comedian Roseanne Barr after a tweet in which she likened Valerie Jarret, who was an advisor to former President Barack Obama, to a baby created by the Muslim Brotherhood and the “Planet of the Apes.” It’s important to note that Roseanne didn’t even realize that Jarret was black, but the intent behind the comment didn’t seem to matter to those who were offended. The Network fired Barr the same day the tweet was sent.

It is common knowledge that the entertainment industry has two sets of rules — one for Democrats and one for conservatives. That hypocrisy has been witnessed as other prominent celebrities have kept their jobs after saying controversial things after Roseanne.

But those cases are on other networks. The same cannot be said in the case of Brian Peck, an actor who is a convicted child rapist, as he was employed by the same company that employed Roseanne.

After it was revealed that Disney hired Peck a year after he was released from prison for raping an unnamed Nickelodeon child star, many have started to question the company’s motives.

Charlie Sheen, who Peck described as a friend, hired him to work on his show “Anger Management” after his conviction.

After Peck’s conviction, he worked on other children’s shows including “The Amanda Show,” “What I Like About You,” and “All That.” Prior to his conviction, he worked on children and family shows such as “Boy Meets World,” “Clueless,” “Kenan and Kel,” “The Tick,” and “Growing Pains,” according to his IMDB profile.

After he served his sentence, Disney, which owns ABC, hired Peck to work on two kids shows “Yay, Me!” and “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” And Peck is not alone in being a child predator hired by Disney after they were convicted, Celebrity Insider reported.

Brian Peck isn’t the only registered sex-offender who has been convicted of child sex abuse crimes hired by ABC/Disney following their conviction.

In 1988, the child actor from the movie “Clownhouse” Nathan Forrest Winters told his mother at the end of filming that the director Victor Salva had been molesting him for approximately five years. Salva was found guilty on five of the 11 original counts after he confessed to the sexual abuse and video recordings of him abusing Nathan Winters were found in his home.

Police also found videotapes and magazines featuring child pornography as well.

Though “Clownhouse” was a low budget movie backed by Francis Ford Coppola, Salva went on to enjoy a thriving, lucrative career that was continually backed and supported by Coppola.

As for Peck, The Daily Mail reported in 2015 that he “was originally charged with 11 counts including lewd act upon a child, sodomy of a person under 16, attempted sodomy of a person under 16, sexual penetration by foreign object, four counts of oral copulation of a person under 16, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance, sending harmful matter, and using a minor for sex acts.

In the end, he pleaded ‘no contest’ to two counts – lewd act against a child and oral copulation – and the court found him guilty of both. The remaining counts were dismissed.

Why would ABC/Disney take such a firm stance with Roseanne, who claims she did not know Jarrett was black when she sent her now infamous tweet, but be willing to hire child sex offenders? Does Disney not do background checks like the majority of employers in the United States? And if it did know of Peck and Salva’s past, why did it hire them?