ABC Whacks Roseanne’s ‘Trump-Supporting Character’ In Horrendous End, It Backfires

Well, it’s official. ABC has announced it will be debuting the sequel to the “Roseanne” show called “The Connors,” and they have also announced what type of end has been written for the Trump-supporting character “Roseanne Connor.” ABC is whacking one of it’s most successful characters to date in a horrendous end that will make you sick, and now it’s backfiring big time on the leftists running ABC. Don’t miss this.

Roseanne Barr (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

John Goodman, Roseanne Barr’s co-star on her mega-hit TV series “Roseanne,” has revealed that Roseanne Connor will be killed off on the first episode of the new ABC sequel “The Connors.” And when we say “killed off,” that is exactly how ABC is describing it. Not “passes away” or will be greatly missed but “living somewhere else,” nope, “killed off.”

Twitchy reported, “We were pretty shocked at how quickly pulled the plug on the money-printing Roseanne reboot, though. Sure, Samantha Bee can call Ivanka Trump a ‘feckless c**t’ on TV for posting a picture of her holding her child and get a laugh or two, but the cancelation of Roseanne brought Debra Messing to tears of joy because somehow it was a repudiation of Donald Trump. TDS is serious business.”

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They add, “One interesting fact: Barr reportedly relinquished her rights to the characters (and the profits) so the show could continue. Regardless of how you feel about Barr, that’s a pretty classy move, considering how many people stood to lose their jobs over her tweet.”

There was a lot of speculation that ABC would try to continue the show without Roseanne Barr, and star John Goodman seemed to confirm this weekend that, yes, they’re killing off Roseanne Connor and airing “The Connors” without her starting in October.

Slate Magazine reports, “In an interview with the Sunday Times, John Goodman confirms that Roseanne Barr’s Roseanne character will be killed off to make room for the Barr-less spinoff, The Conners. Describing his character on the show, which was hastily conceived by ABC after Barr’s racist tweets caused the smash-hit Roseanne revival’s abrupt cancellation, Goodman says, ‘I guess he’ll be mopey and sad because his wife’s dead.'”

Goodman says in the interview that he was “surprised” by the reaction to Barr’s tweet, which compared black former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett to a character from The Planet of the Apes, and says of Barr, “I know, I know, for a fact that she’s not a racist.” But while he describes he and Barr making each other roar with laughter during his original audition for the show, when the interviewer asks if they became “good friends” over the years, Goodman pauses and responds, “We were work friends.”

Americans didn’t respond to well to the idea of ABC whacking the biggest Trump-supporting character on TV. It is going to be weird kicking off what used to be a family sitcom with the mother’s death. Good luck with that ABC.

John Schena tweeted, “Memory tells me they killed off Goodman’s character in 1999 or so as well. Maybe it’s just time for a new show?”

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Lance Uppercut responded to that tweet with, “…..that nobody will watch.” True. ABC is celebrating killing off Roseanne not knowing it was the Trump-supporters who were making it number one in the ratings.

Roy Ballard let ABC have it, posting, “Didn’t like the show with Rosanne, she made the show though. Can’t see this being successful.” Well, at least Ballard is being honest about what made the show a success.

Twitter user “Louis” was short and sweet in his take, posting, “Without her the show is an epic fail.”

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Indeed, we couldn’t agree more. What made the new reboot of the Roseanne show such an instant success was the real-life quality of having a Trump-supporting middle-class family with a deranged leftist sister wearing an “I’m With Her” Hillary t-shirt. I give this new show “The Connors” about six runs before it hits the dustbin of comedy sitcom failures.  But no one can tell that to the Hollywood crowd at ABC, who is throwing money down the drain.

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