SEE IT: Viewers Shocked By What ABC Put On Screen While Covering Trump’s WH Leaker Tweet

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SEE IT: Viewers Shocked By What ABC Put On Screen While Covering Trump’s WH Leaker Tweet
President Donald Trump (left), an image of ABC’s recent programming (right)

ABC was in for a bit more than they bargained after trying to slip something past their viewers. Come to find out, the idiots in charge decided to sneakily put something rather sinister on the screen while discussing President Donald Trump’s recent tweets on the White House leakers – and viewers were shocked.

There’s a war on Trump as leftist propaganda networks like CNN and MSNBC have been tirelessly working since his election to delegitimize him every chance they can – but it really hasn’t had that much effect on anyone beyond their mindless viewers.

With that being said, it looks like the left is ramping up their efforts to brainwash the masses as now even ABC has joined in the fight. Unlike their partners, though, it seems that their intent isn’t to be quite so obvious about their attacks but rather throw subtle hints that may have people asking questions.

Come to find out, that was exactly the case most recently, but things didn’t exactly play out the way they had hoped. However, rather than force their viewers to fix their suspicious gaze in Trump’s direction, the liberal network accidentally shot themselves in the foot as people are now mad at them for what they did.

According to The American Mirror, ABC tried to sneak an image of a Russian flag behind the image of a recent Trump tweet on the White House leakers. Apparently thinking that no one would notice and that they got away with a subtle dig, well, it wasn’t long before they learned just how badly they had actually messed up.

The incident took place on Sunday as new Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on ABC’s “This Week.” However, the public’s attention would quickly drift away from what she was saying as soon as they were made aware of the attempt.

For those unaware, this is what the Russian flag looks like:

SEE IT: Viewers Shocked By What ABC Put On Screen While Covering Trump’s WH Leaker Tweet
Stock image of the Russian flag

Within mere moments, Former Trump communications advisor Jason Miller posted the photo of the Russian flag seen on ABC’s network to social media, where it immediately went viral. Of course, the response was absolutely brutal, according to Milo.

Despite the fact that most Americans know that the “Russian collusion” theory came from Hillary Clinton’s camp in a desperate attempt to place the blame for her embarrassing loss elsewhere, leftist networks aren’t letting this go. Of course, the fact that no one really cares as they’ve grown tired of the unsubstantiated claims isn’t stopping them either.

In the end, all they’re doing is destroying their credibility one day at a time, and they’re already seeing the effects. With CNN’s ratings now coming in beneath cartoon reruns, Americans are making it perfectly clear that they’re done with the lies.

Trump didn’t collude with Russia, and anyone who is trying to connect those dots is too dumb to see that everyone meets with everyone during a presidential campaign – and yes, that even includes Hillary. However, what that doesn’t mean is that people actually decided to work with a foreign entity in order to steal an election.

The left is going down the toilet – and it is networks like CNN, and now ABC, that are pulling everyone down with them even faster. Americans aren’t stupid, and the fact that these leftist propaganda networks depend on blind followers is what’s hurting them the most as they continue to push this nonsense. Even liberals aren’t buying it anymore, and that should really tell you something.