Actress INFURIATES Hollywood Libs, Actually Tells The TRUTH About Muslims

Madonna (left), Michael Moore (center), Meryl Streep (right)

There isn’t much room for diversity of opinion among the liberal Hollywood elite. In fact, expressing views which are traditionally conservative or even moderate is likely to get you blackballed. Although the risk is substantial, one actress is speaking out to educate others on Muslims and their religion, and she’s infuriating her colleagues by doing so.

Mayim Bialik stars in the comedy series “The Big Bang Theory.” The show has enjoyed ten successful seasons, catapulting Bialik to stardom, but she appears to have stayed grounded in her Jewish roots and still speaks out on behalf of Israel, something which isn’t popular for celebrities to do.

Mayim Bialik (Source: Louder With Crowder)

Bialik was particularly perturbed by a recent statement made by radical leftist and Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, who asserted that you cannot be a feminist and also support Israel. A staunch feminist and supporter of the Jewish state, here’s what Bialik had to say about that:

Palestinian feminist/activist Linda Sarsour says you can’t be a Zionist *and* a feminist. I disagree.

The question is this. Many Muslim countries perpetrate atrocities against women which include: female genital mutilation, forced marriages, child brides, systematic abuse of women by the justice system, revenge rape and honor killing. Why is Israel held to a standard none of these other countries, whose offenses are more extreme – are held to?

I can’t believe I am being asked to choose or even defend my religious, historical and cultural identity. The “left” needs to reexamine the microscope they use to look at Israel, and we all need to take a step back and remember we are stronger together: women, men, lovers of peace, and lovers of freedom and justice.

Indeed, it is awfully hypocritical for someone like Sarsour to be criticizing Israel, when there are so many countries more deserving of her scrutiny. Israel has traditionally supported freedom for LGBT individuals, women, and other minorities; groups which the left claims to champion.

Linda Sarsour (Source: Grok Nation)

Muslim-majority countries, on the other hand, won’t hesitate to rape a woman in revenge, then kill her to preserve her honor, as noted by Bialik. And, if you think the parties responsible for this unspeakable cruelty are at all likely to be brought to justice, you’re sorely mistaken.

So, why is Linda Sarsour attacking Israel, when women in Muslim countries have all this to deal with? It’s mind-boggling, and there is no adequate excuse. But, it likely has something to do with political correctness and the “feelings” of Muslims, both things which should pale in comparison to the safety and well-being of women to an actual feminist.

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