Adam Schiff: America Will Not Survive Another Four Years With Trump, Gets Torched

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Rep. Adam Schiff of California is giving his opinion on President Donald Trump. “Shifty” Schiff contends America won’t “survive another four years” if the president is re-elected. Even though the economy is roaring, Schiff was asked if the president will be re-elected and said, “That’s not gonna happen.” Well, immediately he got torched. You’ll love this.

Rep. Adam Schiff and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff voiced concerned Sunday that the United States would not be able to “survive another four years” of President Donald Trump, warning that the president has divided Americans instead of uniting them.

Schiff, who represents California and chairs the House Intelligence Committee, made these comments during an interview on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. Asked by host George Stephanopoulos if he believed Trump could be elected again in 2020, Schiff stated firmly: “That’s not gonna happen.”

“I don’t think this country could survive another four years of a president like this, who gets up every day trying to find new and inventive ways to divide us,” the congressman warned. “He doesn’t seem to understand that a fundamental aspect of his job is to try to make us a more perfect union. But that’s not at all where he’s coming from.”

Looking ridiculously confident, Shifty Schiff said: “He’s going to be defeated, he has to be defeated.” The bug-eyed Congressman cautioned that he didn’t know “how much more our Democratic institutions can take of this kind of attack on the rule of law.”

Schiff is part of the Democratic cabal which is trying to re-litigate the entire Mueller investigation. Not satisfied with the outcome which found the president exonerated of any wrongdoing, Shifty Schiff and his cohorts are now trying like hell to cover up the possible Russian collusion by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Obama’s deep state hacks in the FBI and DOJ.

And Schiff is pumping this ludicrous claim that Trump used executive privilege to stop any further investigations. The truth is that Trump used his executive privilege to help out Attorney General Bill Barr not break the law. The Democrats were demanding Barr declassify two lines in the Mueller investigation that are protected under grand jury testimony. By law, Barr cannot declassify those lines.

It was a big ruse. It wasn’t about two measly lines, the Democrats used it as an excuse to claim Trump has put the country in a “Constitutional crisis.” If people actually knew it was only two lines, they would know this Democratic “talking point” is a huge farce.

Well, many people weighed in and let Shifty Schiff know his contention that America won’t survive another four years under Trump is totally ludicrous. 

Twitter user Antonio Montenegro said to Schiff: “You think so morón. President’s Jobs–Women’s unemployment 50-year-low, Consumer confidence 17-year-high, Black unemployment Lowest Ever, Jobs Added 4 Million, Unemployment Rate 50-year-low.”

“Oh yes, it will! And Americans will be so much better off after his 2nd year! Democrats can’t stand the fact that America &American citizens are doing better under Trump’s leadership. Democrats are angry because they can’t rip off & bully Americans out of their money like they use to,” tweeted Chere.

“Yeah I’m having a tough time adapting to a more prosperous, optimistic, safer America where more people are employed since forever and finally someone is sticking up for the working men and women with our trade and immigration policies,” tweeted John Kallen.

Why would anyone in their right mind vote against Trump in 2020? He has proven himself. In fact, the president has far exceeded the expectations of all his critics. Not only has he brought manufacturing jobs back to America, which Obama said he couldn’t do unless he has a “magic wand,” unemployment levels are at record lows, with more Americans in the workplace than any other time in the history of this country.

So, the Democrats know they have nothing to run on. They will have to attack Trump’s character, claiming he is a racist, a bigot, and divides Americans. They have no other choice than to make these claims up out of whole cloth. It won’t work. The American people see right through the lies of little men like Adam Schiff. In 2020, it will be Shifty Schiff and his cohorts crying on Election Night, once again.

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