Schiff Flees As Town Hall Gets Shut Down: ‘Liar, Liar, You’re Going to Jail!’

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Adam Schiff’s town hall erupted into a free for all after Trump supporters showed up to protest. The Trump supporters started to shout at Schiff as he started to talk about impeachment: “Liar, liar, you’re going to jail!” Well, poor Schiff got yanked off the stage as a few Democrats attacked the Trump supporters who refused to back down. The police showed up. It was a real “Schiff show.” You’ll love this.

Adam Schiff town hall (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Yelling and screaming and interrupting people while they eat dinner or try to have an event is the Democrats’ favorite activity — until it’s used on them.

Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) hosted a town hall event celebrating a bill recognizing the Armenian genocide. His remarks came to a screeching halt when protesters began to jeer and chant “LIAR” and “you’re going to jail!” at him. It was beautiful.

Many people in the room seemed confused as to why people were protesting the “shampeachment” clown show. This is not surprising to anyone who only watches mainstream news, which makes it appear that Americans hate Donald Trump. At least one protester made sure to point out several times that they were not there to protest the Armenian people being recognized but to protest Schiff and the impeachment of the people’s president.

The interruption caused people in the crowd to turn on the protesters, and members of the crowd attacked. You can see in the video at least one man was physically assaulting the Trump supporters without being retaliated against, and the police refused to arrest him.

The protesters can be seen and heard on camera asking the crowd to stop hitting and attacking them and stealing their signs and flags. Two elderly men fight over a Trump flag, falling to the ground. At one point, a woman with the protesters holding a camera is attacked by a man in the crowd. It’s ugly.

This is when Schiff leaves the stage. He is forced to flee as his supporters get out of control: 

“This is what people like Maxine Waters wanted, right? These are the Democrats’ ‘new rules,’ aren’t they? Isn’t dissent the highest form of patriotism, Mr. Schiff? #AdamSchiff #impeachment,” tweeted Trump campaign surrogate Herman Cain.

That look you get when you realize that you’ve lost the narrative. Looks like @RepAdamSchiff’s last town hall got a little hairy,” tweeted “The Cheese.” 

@RepAdamSchiff You told the audience at your town hall meeting that the impeachment process was totally bipartisan. Right there is a BLATANT LIE. It is very troubling that you think everybody is as stupid as you are,” tweeted Les Cullen.

It’s interesting to see conservatives using the same tactics as the radical left, and it does appear to be increasing, following on the heels of Jerry Nadler being heckled in an elevator. It is the philosophy on the left that if there is no justice, there shall be no peace, and this impeachment baloney is one of the worst injustices we’ve seen.

These are the “new rules” which the Democrats love to use to an extreme. Disrupting a town hall is a lawful political protest. The radical left refuses to debate in a civil manner, so Trump supporters are exercising their constitutional right to protest. It takes a lot to awaken the silent majority, but now that they have been awoken, the Democrats are getting an idea that their impeachment farce might just cost them everything in 2020.

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