African-American Teen Supports Trump, Attacked By BLM After He Proves ‘MLK Would Be Proud’

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CJ Pearson, a 15-year-old African-American high school sophomore, is being attacked after he took on the idiots of the Black Lives Matter movement and totally shamed them over their hatred of President Donald Trump. The teen schooled the race-baiters on Martin Luther King Jr., making the case and proving what Dr. King would say today about our 45th President — and boy, did the left flip out.

CJ Pearson (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: CJ Pearson/Twitter, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

With over 50,000 views in only five hours, CJ Pearson’s video explaining the cold hard facts about how President Donald Trump has affected the black community is getting him some powerful enemies and allies. Pearson may be only 15 years old, but his grasp of the facts and how they translate into real change in the African-American communities is spot on.

“Under President Trump, black unemployment is at an all-time low. This is also a president who set his sights on saving inner cities across America, lowering the violent crime in these cities so that black babies aren’t scared to go play in the playground without the threat of being shot hanging over their head,” Pearson began. “He’s also focused on bringing jobs to these communities, bringing economic investments to these communities and bringing rising wages to these communities.”

Sadly, making gainful employment a priority for the inner cities is a direct assault on those who feast on that poverty, like Democrats and their useful idiots in the BLM. One of their supporters replied to CJ, writing, “#ByeBoy Dr. King would be proud of nothing about Trump! You obviously support him and that fine but please don’t confuse the message(s) and the legacy of Dr. King with that Donald Trump.”

CJ also took it to former President Barack Obama on Trump bringing jobs to the inner cities by pointing out that Trump has done “something that President Obama never did in the entirety of his eight years in office.” Pearson, the young student from Georgia who comes from a Democratic family, goes on to credit the president for his work to save historically black colleges.

“I would argue that President Trump has led a presidency that Martin Luther King would be proud of — and it’s kind of funny to say because everyone in the media and everyone on the left is hellbent on accusing this president of being a racist, a bigot and all these other baseless accusations that have no merit at all,” CJ Pearson bravely declared.

The ignorant race-baiters who emerged to try to shame Pearson for his views found out quickly that it is he who is putting them to shame. “Hah, you want to shut me up? When I pledged to be the Left’s youngest nightmare, I didn’t know it was going to be this easy,” he tweeted to the BLM supporters.

But, here’s the part of his speech that really makes the losers on the left flip out: It’s CJ’s passion when he talks about the utter devastation within the Black community. He gets emotional, saying, “I, as a black teenager, I saw the devastation that liberal policies have had within the black community, I have seen the hurt that they have caused. I have seen the pain that President Obama’s inaction has caused in places like Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and so forth and so on.”

Another Black Lives Matter supporter told CJ, “You don’t speak for the African American community as a whole. You’re NOT our representative and Dr King wouldn’t have supported a President that continues to be racist. I’m sure MLK wouldn’t approve of ‘sh*those countries.'”

That’s typical rhetoric with no facts and all conjecture, and this BLM supporter obviously doesn’t know it was Barack Obama who called Libya a “shit show.” Where is the evidence Trump is a racist? We hear that line spewed all day long by these idiots, yet they fail to point out any fact proving he is a racist.

Of course, young CJ Pearson knows this. He is a very brave young man to stand firm against those African-Americans who use Martin Luther King Jr. as their patron saint when their real agenda is exactly the same as the Black Panthers, who resort to terrorism.

The Gateway Pundit reportedly spoke to CJ, and they report, “The teen concludes that MLK and Trump share the common goal that ‘America First’ is ‘America together’ and that both men believed that every person of every color deserves to thrive.”

“As a 15-year-old Black American, I saw firsthand the devastation the Obama administration caused within my community. President Trump has sought to heal those wounds and has done a darn good job. Perhaps, the Left should take notes,” Pearson further told The Gateway Pundit.

We wish the leftist losers would, too. Like CJ Pearson says, “They make it too easy” to debunk their lies. God bless this young man, we wish him well and hope the truth he speaks opens eyes and minds so we call all work together to make America great again, which is exactly what MLK wanted and what President Donald Trump is trying to do.

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