African Migrant Sexually Assaults Child, Liberal Judge Awards Him $150K For Sick Reason

After sexually assaulting a child, an African migrant was sentenced to prison before he was to be deported. However, instead of forcing him to return to his home country, a liberal judge released the migrant child predator and even gave him $150,000 for an incredibly outrageous reason.

African Migrant Sexually Assaults Child, Liberal Judge Awards Him $150K For Sick Reason
After releasing an African child predator, a liberal judge offered him a sickening parting gift instead of deporting him. (Photos for illustrative purposes: Paul Buck-Pool/Getty Images, Screenshot/YouTube)

Thanks to decades of liberal policies, Europe rang the proverbial dinner bell to millions of migrant invaders who despise our Western values, laws, and freedoms. Because of their lax approach to mass migration, violent and oppressive criminals are now roaming the streets, preying upon the gracious citizens who are hosting them.

As migrant crime skyrockets, despite making up a tiny minority of the population, liberal officials are scrambling to censor their heinous acts instead of cracking down on asylum seeker offenders. However, little else is more despicable than an elected justice not only saving a migrant convict from his sentence but compensating him with taxpayer funds with a disturbing excuse.

After 28-year-old Guinea native Aliou Bah was convicted on 2 separate occasions of sexually assaulting underage girls, a UK court finally sentenced him to deportation after completing his prison term. However, instead of dealing justly with the migrant child predator, High Court Judge Nicholas Madge has now ordered Bah to be freed and spared deportation, he also granted him nearly $150,000 in compensation because the migrant’s country refuses to take him and he already spent 21 months “too long” in prison, the Daily Mail reports.

Unbelievably, Judge Madge even admitted that citizens would probably believe that Bah’s traumatized child victims deserve the hefty payout instead of their sexual abuser, but stood by his ridiculous ruling, according to The Sun.

In what many are calling a misuse of justice, Bah will be paid exactly $147,202 after Judge Madge decided that he shouldn’t have been imprisoned for the 21 months while British authorities tried to carry out his legally ordered deportation. Now, instead of being extradited as the previous court ruled, Bah will be back out on the streets since officials can neither jail him nor remove him from the country.

Bah, who migrated to the UK in 2007, was convicted in February 2011 of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. He was then jailed for just 18 months and placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years before being caught molesting another young woman in 2014.

Although the Home Secretary ordered Bah’s deportation in December 2011, the migrant claimed asylum as a refugee, preventing authorities from carrying out the order. He was subsequently held in prison from January 2012 to March 2013 “pending deportation and again from October 2014 to June 2015. Each time, authorities failed to extradite Bah since immigration officials in Guinea refused to take him. While awaiting deportation that would never come, Bah went on to be again arrested and jailed for beating a woman.

Given his refugee status and the attitude of the Guinea Embassy, there was never any prospect of him being thrown out of the country, Judge Madge said.

Despite Guinea officials refusing to take back individuals who do not voluntarily wish to return to the country, the UK continues to welcome in its migrants, knowing there will never be a chance to deport them in the event that they commit a heinous crime. In fact, not one migrant has been successfully deported to the country since 2006.

A Home Office spokeswoman said, ”People who have no right to live in this country should be in no doubt of our determination to remove them. We have removed more than 41,000 Foreign National Offenders since 2010. We are now considering the judgement but this case does not change the legality of Mr Bah’s status in the UK.”

Additionally, Judge Madge cited Bah’s refugee status, which he believes cannot be revoked no matter how reprehensible or numerous his crimes become.

Europe is so concerned with multiculturalism that it is willing to flood its nations with the most barbaric and oppressive cultures imaginable. As history proves, the more aggressive cultures always eradicate the progressive, tolerant ones if given the opportunity to spread and thrive.

Thanks to liberalism, our values are under the threat of eradication by inferior cultures that seek to use our exceptional liberties and tolerance against us. It is up to us to stand against this flagrant induction of barbarism disguised as diversity.

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