Liberals Fear The Worst As Rod Rosenstein Gets Unexpected Surprise From Trump

Liberals fear the worst as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein got an unexpected surprise from President Donald Trump early Wednesday morning. Is this the end?

President Donald Trump (left), Rod Rosenstein (right) (Photo Credits: Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is a key player for the deep state which has been waging a political battle against President Donald Trump since before he took office. Trump’s relationship with Rosenstein is speculated to be a rocky one after it came to light that the Deputy Attorney General signed off on FISA warrants for the FBI to spy on Trump campaign officials.

Even more recently, Rosenstein personally signed off on the FBI’s disgraceful raids on the office and home of Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney. According to Business Insider, the FBI’s raids were carried out in the early morning hours on Monday, April 9, 2018.

Following the raids, Trump publicly rebuked the FBI and Department of Justice for what he called a “disgrace.” According to Breitbart, the President also fired off an early morning tweet at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, criticizing government officials who served under former President Barack Obama. Rosenstein was on that list of officials Trump targeted as Obama loyalists.

“Much of the bad blood with Russia is caused by the Fake & Corrupt Russia Investigation, headed up by the all Democrat loyalists, or people that worked for Obama. Mueller is most conflicted of all (except Rosenstein who signed FISA & Comey letter). No Collusion, so they go crazy!” Trump wrote.

The following morning, President Donald Trump yanked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein into the White House for an unexpected meeting. The surprise meeting wouldn’t have been so ominous for liberals if Rosenstein hadn’t skipped an important press conference later that afternoon.

Rosenstein was unexpectedly seen departing the White House on Thursday morning after the unscheduled meeting. Many are speculating that the surprise meeting at the White House may mean that Rosenstein is being readied for the chopping block.

Washington Post journalist Matt Zapotosky reported about Rosenstein’s visit on Twitter. “From what I understand, Rod Rosenstein, along with the FBI general counsel, went to the White House today for a meeting on Congressional document requests. I don’t know with whom he spoke. He remains the Deputy Attorney General, to the best of my knowledge as of this writing,” he wrote.

Of course, Zapotosky could be dead wrong about Rosenstein. Monday may come with an announcement which many have been waiting to hear about Rosenstein’s future at the Department of Justice. For the left, Rosenstein’s value cannot be overstated. The timing of his visit to the White House is a little coincidental considering that just a day before, the DOJ handed over an unredacted copy of documents to the House Intelligence Committee which were used as a premise to start the sham Russian collusion investigation.

Much like former FBI Director James Comey who was called into a sudden White House meeting on March 24, 2017, and fired several weeks later at the beginning of May 2017, Rod Rosenstein may be headed for the political dustbin.

Unlike most liberals who fear the worst after Rosenstein’s White House appearance, millions of American patriots who support President Donald Trump would love to wake up and find out that Trump got rid of the Deputy Attorney General.

Acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore of the Civil Rights Division briefly talked about Rosenstein’s unexpected absence at the press event held at the Main DOJ building in Washington, D.C. “Unfortunately, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been called away on another matter today, so Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio will have the honor of introducing the attorney general later in our program,” he said.

While some people speculate that Rosenstein’s visit to the White House was routine, I see it as an ominous warning to the deep state. If Trump didn’t fire Rosenstein today, there was definitely some saber-rattling in the White House after Rosenstein basically ordered an FBI hit on Trump’s attorney this week.

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