Something Off About Lady At Airport, Then Customs Agents See Her Breasts

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It was business as usual at a busy airport, that is until customs agents noticed something off about a female traveler. After deciding to perform a search on the woman, the reality of the situation came into focus when agents saw her breasts – and that’s when they realized what she was hiding.

Something Off About Lady At Airport, Then Customs Agents See Her Breasts
Stock images for visual representation (Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Wikimedia Commons, Screenshot/Daily Motion)

It all started when a 24-year-old woman was trying to pass through customs at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany. As her luck would have it, she was selected to be searched by agents, and this is when things took a turn.

After hearing the woman complain of severe pain, “airport officials became suspicious after they found fresh operation scars,” reports. Unfortunately for her, it seems the pain was too much to deal with as she quickly revealed her secret after realizing customs agents were wary of her.

Saying that she’d just undergone surgery, the woman explained that she was acting as a drug mule by carrying cocaine in her breasts. As it turns out, a balloon full of drugs was surgically placed inside of the woman as if they were breast implants.

Of course, she was looking to have them immediately removed as something had gone wrong on account of the hasty and likely unsanitary operation which was done to hide the contraband inside her body. As a result, the woman was immediately taken into custody and transferred to a local hospital were doctors removed two 500-gram lumps of cocaine wrapped in plastic from inside the woman’s chest.

In all, the drugs are estimated to hold a street value of just under $300,000. “This is the first case in Germany in which drugs have been smuggled in this fashion,” spokesman Hans-Juergen Schmidt explained.

Something Off About Lady At Airport, Then Customs Agents See Her Breasts
Stock image (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Customs agents were also shocked by the “amateurish” fashion of the initial surgery. According to Schmidt, it only went to show how drug smugglers “are completely indifferent to human life and the life-threatening conditions of their drug carriers.”

In short, those responsible didn’t care much about the people they were using, but rather, only had concern for their drugs and money. As a result, they don’t take the typical precautions that a trained professional would abide by for similar procedures. However, this really speaks to a bit more than just immorality and lack of care for human life.

This is just a bad business model when it comes down to it. After all, their goal is to get drugs to a certain place. If this woman died or was simply too unhealthy to get there, then they would lose their supply. Furthermore, that person can’t help them sneak any more drugs anywhere if they’re dead as well. It goes to show they aren’t as smart as they think they are. However, it’s the drug mule that got the worst end of this deal.

The woman, who is a mother of three children in Colombia, is currently behind bars and faces drug trafficking charges. Her crimes will most certainly result in jail time. One can only imagine how much money this woman was promised for allowing drug smugglers to use her body any way they saw fit, but I highly doubt she’s enjoying what she got out of the deal.

As the time old saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Money is nice and all, but to have someone slice and dice your body and stuff foreign objects inside, it really doesn’t sound like it would ever be worth the trouble, and this woman had to find that out the hard way. In the long run, crime simply doesn’t pay.