Fed-Up Alabama Judge Leaves Liberals Furious When They See What He Pulls Out Of His Pocket

A fed-up Alabama judge is running for Senate and is already dodging attacks. First, freedom-loving Americans were furious when rumors circulated that the candidate didn’t hold dear certain rights afforded to citizens in our Constitution. However, it’s liberals who are now enraged after he pulled just one thing from his pocket during a rally, and it was all caught on video that’s now going viral.

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (pictured) at a campaign rally shows what he thinks of certain constitutional rights, leaving liberals furious. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Gun-loving Americans in Alabama were furious when rumors started circulating that Senate candidate Roy Moore did not believe in our 2nd Amendment. However, the citizens who laughed at the Republican candidate were blown away when they saw what he did at a recent rally, leaving liberals furious after pulling one item out of his pants pocket.

On Monday night at a campaign rally in Fairhope, Alabama, Judge Roy Moore and Steve Bannon gave their speeches to the public, relaying why they deserve the people’s votes. Moore decided it was a perfect time for him to address the fake news stories that were spread by competitors about his stance on our 2nd Amendment. Negative ads were posted, alleging that he doesn’t support firearms, and sadly, his campaign didn’t have enough money to defend the allegations with an ad of their own. But, Moore figured out the perfect way to shut up the haters.

According to Young Conservatives, while addressing the rumors, Moore reached into his pocket and pulled out his handgun to prove that he supports the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry as well. The video of his crowd-pleasing moment is, of course, going viral and is sure to make liberal heads explode. Moore proved that he has no shame or embarrassment in his love for guns and not only supporting but exercising our 2nd Amendment rights. He even went on to share why he believes guns are so important and why that right cannot be taken away.

Of course, the gun-loving conservatives who attended his rally cheered as he pulled the gun out of his pocket, but liberals keyboard warriors were quick to take to social media to hate on the Judge.

Twitter comments from angered liberals weren’t in short supply. “If you don’t see what’s wrong with a candidate whipping out a f*ing pistol at a campaign rally, we can’t help you,” wrote one gun-hating Twitter user, while another added, “The fact that this move might help him in his election is why we can’t have nice things, just sick.”

Another outraged liberal resorted to name-calling, saying, “Moore is insane and he’s going to be a senator. Just what we need, another republican lunatic,” as yet another added, “In the parts of Texas where I’m from, we avoid crazy people who waive (sic) guns around to make a point. They’re dangerous.”

Luckily, there have been rational conservatives to drown out some of the hate.

Gun owners all over the country are cheering Moore on with his recent move to shut up the haters once and for all, except for the few who were “concerned” about his gun safety. However, it should be noted for all those who are so worried about his actions, he never pointed the gun at anyone or anything and he kept his finger off the trigger. That being said, the citizens of Alabama are hopeful that, if he moves onto the general election and goes on to win, he will bring his love of gun rights to the Senate in Washington, D.C., to help ensure our freedoms are protected.

It is refreshing to see conservative voices being heard that could potentially make decisions on the Senate floor if they get elected. After years of Democrats trying to strip away our rights and take our firearms, we love seeing politicians like Moore take a hard stand. If you agree with Moore’s bold move to shut up the liberal gun-haters and are as excited as we are to see him make his transition to Washington, spread this far and wide so we can have a 2nd Amendment-loving man in our Senate.

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