Liberals Livid As Alabama Punter Asks Trump 1 Question During White House Visit

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Liberals are livid after the University of Alabama’s punter asked President Donald Trump one question at the White House. The snowflakes aren’t going to like this.

President Donald Trump (left), JK Scott (right) (Photo Credits: The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images, Icon Sportswire/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images)

After the Alabama Crimson Tide finished off a thrilling 26-23 comeback win in overtime over the Georgia Bulldogs in the College Football Playoff National Championship on January 8, 2018, they were invited to the White House to celebrate their big victory with President Donald Trump.

According to The Blaze, all but one of Alabama’s team members were present at the White House on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. During their visit, the players were escorted around the White House on a special tour and head coach Nick Saban expressed his gratitude for the once in a lifetime opportunity.

“You know, not many people get invited to the White House, so not many people get invited to see the president and meet the president,” Coach Saban said. “So this is a special day for our team,” he explained. “A team that is being honored here because of their achievements in terms of winning the college football national championship, which makes me very proud.”

During their visit to the White House, President Trump honored the team with a speech. “It is my great honor to welcome the College Football National Champions to the White House. The University of Alabama Crimson Tide, congratulations,” Trump said as Saban held up a Crimson Tide football jersey with Trump’s name on it and the number 17.

In regard to Alabama’s victory, President Trump said, “It was truly a win for the ages. I don’t know if you know, but I was there. I was there. I got to see it.” Then, Trump praised Alabama’s players for upholding a winning tradition. “You carry on a storied tradition of Alabama football excellence. It really is excellence. Coach, you have to explain that. You can sell that secret and make a lot of money. You know that don’t you?” Trump asked.

“In the National Championship game, you stuck to the process even when it was looking pretty tough. I was watching. I said, ‘Coach, not looking too good.’ Down 13 to nothing at halftime to a great Georgia team, these champions fought back as they did all season long,” Trump added.

“They kept fighting and fighting. Now, I’ve watched a lot of those games and sometimes as Coach Saban likes to say, ‘you flat out made them quit, they quit.’ We’re doing that to a lot of people, too, I learned,” Trump continued.

“We’re proud of the way you play We’re proud of the way you represent yourselves, your university, and your state and that is a great, great state. I know, because I won it by 32 points. I actually think more than that, but anyway,” Trump added.

The President’s speech was marked with laughter from the crowd at his congratulatory remarks combined with political comments. After Trump’s speech was over, Alabama punter JK Scott pulled the President aside and asked if he could pray for the President and his staff. This was undoubtedly very unsettling for any liberals watching, but for millions of American patriots who share a common faith, it was exhilarating to watch.

Christina Chambers from WBRC, a local news station in Alabama, lit up Twitter with the memorable moment. “What a cool moment! @AlabamaFTBL JK Scott asked @POTUS if he could pray for him and his staff. Video below shows President Trump and Bama players praying after the Tide’s @WhiteHouse visit!” Chambers wrote.

Not only did Scott pray for the President and his staff, but many members of Alabama’s football team were also seen gathered around Trump as they prayed for him and his administration. What an outstanding example of true American and Christian values.

At a time when the left continually attacks our President and his staff on a daily basis, it is a breath of fresh air to see such outstanding young men gather around President Donald Trump in support. This is a huge reason America is well on her way to being great again.

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