DISGUSTING Tattoo Shows Why Alcohol And Tattoo Guns Don’t Mix [Photos]

After a night of drunken partying with friends, a teenage girl woke up with what could be called the world’s worst tattoo on her shoulder, and she’s regretted it ever since.

The Mirror reports that Holly Aston was just 17 years old when she and some friends bought a tattoo gun off of the Internet for about $75. Then, one night while they were all drinking together, she allowed one of her friends to tattoo a penis on her shoulder, and for the next two years, she did whatever it took to hide it from her other friends and family.

DISGUSTING Tattoo Shows Why Alcohol And Tattoo Guns Don’t Mix [Photos]

“It was so easy to buy a tattoo gun off the Internet for about £50,” she said. “You get the full kit of needles and ink and it’s easy to operate, though they give you no instructions about keeping it sterile. We were very lucky not to get an infection or blood poisoning.”

Aston and her friends would have tattoo parties with each other, where they would drink and give themselves tattoos all night. “It was stupid,” she recalled.

But one night things took a turn for the worse, and one of her friends thought they were being funny by tattooing the crude image on her shoulder. The British teen said she knew what the tattoo was going to be the night that it happened, but she woke up horrified the next morning once she realized what was done.

“I let my mates draw whatever they wanted. I have the word ‘Dyke’ on my ankle, and then one drew the penis on my shoulder. I knew what they were doing and didn’t mind at the time,” Aston said. “It was just a joke, and I thought it was funny. But then I woke up the next day, looked at it and thought ‘Oh God, what have I done?’ The joke was over and it really wasn’t funny anymore.”

Aston said that she would refrain from going swimming or doing anything that would expose the explicit tattoo. She even said that she would skip family vacations so that nobody discovered what she had done.

“I had to keep it covered up in the summer; if I went swimming I tried to cover it with plasters because I didn’t want children seeing it,” she said. “I turned down family holidays because I was hiding it from my mum and dad. I thought they’d kill me.”

Being a college student, she couldn’t afford the thousands of pounds it would have cost to have the image removed by laser. However, her luck changed when the British television series Body Shockers: Nips, Tucks and Tattoos agreed to feature her story and pay for the laser sessions to have it removed.

She said that she just finished her fifth session and her tattoos are almost all gone. Now she’s looking forward to starting fresh and being taken seriously in college and the professional world.

Of all the things to allow someone to tattoo on your body, who in their right mind would ever choose a penis and have it in an area that’s easily viewed? This story is exactly why you should never mix alcohol and tattoo guns. After all, you might just wake up with a penis on you somewhere.

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