Allen West Is ‘Delighted’ Over FBI’s Decision Not to Indict Hillary, Here’s Why

Following the shocking news that the FBI does not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for her scandal as Secretary of State, many political pundits across America immediately expressed their collective outrage. However, there might be a silver lining to the FBI’s shocking decision as pointed out by former Congressman and retired Colonel Allen West.

Allen West

“I can’t thank Director Comey enough for coming to this decision,” his article began.

The former Colonel explained exactly why the FBI’s decision might be the best thing to happen to America, given that our option for President of the United States is now between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He detailed his reasoning in his article:

“My concern has always been that Barack Obama would release the hounds on Mrs. Clinton and then push for his vice president, Joe Biden, to be the Democrat nominee. And then, to placate the far lefty socialists, who own the Democrat party, Obama would position Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Biden’s VP. That would be a really tough ticket to beat, since Joe Biden’s favorables, regardless of gaffes and such, are extremely high. However, James Comey just delivered a gift wrapped with a bow.”

West went on to argue that the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Hillary in spite of her “extremely careless” actions as Secretary of State speaks volumes about the Democratic party, and in his opinion, it dealt a major blow to not only Hillary herself but to her entire party. West detailed Hillary’s transgressions, as clearly spelled out by the FBI director:

“Comey has said Hillary Clinton is not reasonable — is that who you want as president and commander in chief? And Mrs. Clinton’s actions were not appropriate or acceptable. That follows with Mrs. Clinton’s blatant lie about not having any classified material on her private server — her unclassified, private, personal server. Hillary Clinton stated there was no classified correspondence she emailed — wrong, a lie. Lastly, Comey confirmed Hillary Clinton inappropriately deleted the property of the American people — State Department, work-related emails. We know from the deposition of her closest aide, the daughter of Muslim Brotherhood associates Huma Abedin, that she admitted to burning emails.”

The retired Colonel then went on to cite a piece written by National Review contributor and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy, who blasted the FBI for their decision, saying the bureau essentially rewrote Federal law by choosing to not recommend that Hillary be indicted for the scandal.

“This, Ladies and Gents, is the ‘policy of political corruption’ on full display,” West stated. And it’s offensive to me, and should be to you, that these chuckleheads think so little of the American people.”

Despite the blatant corruption, West still sees the silver lining over the FBI’s decision and says he is “rejoicing.” He also said the decision just further reveals exactly “who these progressive socialists truly are and how they’ll use any means in order to achieve their ends.”

He then stated that the American people will be the ones to make the final verdict against Hillary Clinton when it comes time to vote in November.

“If you looked upon Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on that stage yesterday and cheered, the day after our 240th American Independence Day — you are no Patriot and citizen of this Republic,” West wrote, referring to President Obama’s decision to campaign with [Hillary] Clinton Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina, following the FBI’s announcement. “You are nothing more than, as Vladimir Lenin stated, a ‘useful idiot’ — and a supporter of liars.”

Then, West wrapped up his article by thanking Comey.

“Thanks, Director Comey, you may have just become the one person who will end the corrupt reign of the Clinton Family, and terminate any chance for an honorable legacy for Barack Obama.”

While many of us are extremely upset and frustrated following yesterday’s news, there’s nothing we can do about the FBI’s decision at this point. All we can do is look for the possible ways that this scandal could play out for the good. When November comes, we need to let our voices be heard and vote for the only person who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

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