Leftist Alyssa Milano Pulls Sick Stunt Sitting Behind Kavanaugh, Gets Nasty Surprise

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Alyssa Milano, who is a D-list actress and rabid hater of President Donald Trump, was able to score prime seats for the big Senate hearing yesterday. Milano cozied up to Senator Dianne Feinstein who awarded Milano the seats after she led disgusting protests for the Democrats outside Capitol Hill Wednesday. Well, Milano was caught pulling a sick stunt sitting right behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and she got a nasty surprise right on live TV. You’ll love this.

Alyssa Milano at Senate hearing behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Many Americans sat riveted watching the Senate hearing yesterday. The Democrats rolled out accuser Christine Blasey Ford hoping to get Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination withdrawn. Part of the circus was far-leftist Alyssa Milano sitting right behind Kavanaugh, and conservatives picked up on her nasty stunts on live TV.

Milano sat quietly during Ford’s testimony, but as soon as Kavanaugh took his seat, she got excited. First, during the recess, Milano sent out a threat to Kavanaugh. USA Today reporter Eliza Collins tweeted it out for Milano, posting, “They asked me to take this moment for them @RepMaloney⁩ and @Alyssa_Milano⁩, Milano said she would stay to watch Kavanaugh so she could ‘stare him down.”’

Wow. Such a “mean girl” stare. Such a lack of class coming from Milano, who was just getting started. Red State reported, “Attention whore that she is, [Milano] kept leaning into the aisle to get her mug into the shot.” And her cleavage. USA Today reported on how people watching on TV were sick of Milano leaning forward and showing off her breasts.

Twitter user “Milla7Blanca” tweeted, “And looking for someone to accuse of leering at her cleavage. As is her right…but use better judgment next time. This isn’t Hollywood and sex does not sell. Yet another reason actors should stick to reading lines @Alyssa_Milano.”

Then, explaining how emotional most Americans got listening to Kavanaugh’s opening statement, especially when he got choked up on several occasions, Red State added, “Us normal people who have feelings and a soul were choked up right along with Brett Kavanaugh, and I thought his statement might somehow touch [Milano], that she would feel empathy for another human being. Nope. She sits there tweeting and RT’ing, taking part in the exact same ‘coordinated hit job’ Kavanaugh was describing.”

Yep, Milano really has no soul. She tweets out a video she takes while Kavanaugh is tearfully talking about his little daughter saying, “We should pray for the lady,” referring to Ford, while Milano mocks him by posting, “I will say this…if a woman were to yell, interrupt and cry while being questioned, people would call her unhinged or say she had a melt down.” But never fear, Milano won’t get away with it.

It seems others in the audience and those who were monitoring her Twitter account noticed the D-list actress getting ready to cause a big commotion right on live TV. People also commented on social media that Milano showed up with no protest signs, but as she sat down she was given two signs by what looked like Democratic staffers.

That’s when a trusty Capitol Hill policeman was alerted to Milano’s scheme and intervened, confiscating Milano’s cell phone for taking pictures and videos, which is against the rules of the hearing. He also was overheard warning the Trump-hater she better not think about standing up and causing a scene with her signs which read, “Believe Women, Vote No On Kavanaugh.”

The ditzy Milano was caught on live TV getting busted, and Twitter user “Raf_Guiterrez” posted the video tweeting, “Baaaahahahaaahha @Alyssa_Milano was gonna protest at #KavanaughHearings but good ‘ol boys in blue boofed her plans.”

Poor, ignorant Alyssa Milano. She was so hyped to cause a big scene for the rest of the snowflakes watching at home, but luckily, the cops busted her and she had to sit there listening to the man who will be our new Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. That’s what happens to idiots in the Hollywood crowd who think they are making history resisting President Trump’s agenda. They better get used to losing because they have six more years to go.

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