Milano: My Life Would Lack Great Joys If I Hadn’t Aborted 2 Kids, Pastor Wrecks Her

Alyssa Milano recently shared a disgraceful story about her life. On her podcast “Sorry Not Sorry,” Milano proudly admitted that her life would lack “great joy” if she hadn’t aborted two babies. The shameless celebrity claimed those abortions helped her be a better parent today. Well, that’s when one young pastor wrecked Milano as other Americans joined in. You’ll love this.

Jarrid Wilson and Alyssa Milano (Photo Credit: Instagram/Jarrid Wilson, YouTube/Screenshot)

The abortion fight is heating up as more and more Americans agree in 2019 it’s a barbaric practice. There is no longer any stigma of being an unwed pregnant woman in our society. So, many who do not profess to be Christians are now also viewing abortion as an evil act.

Alyssa Milano knows this. She is part of the radical feminist movement here in America. These leftist activists know they now must sell abortion as a good or even great experience for a young woman.

“[P]ro-choice advocates’ hysteria is at a fever pitch. You know the kind of hysteria that isn’t satisfied with viewing abortion as a necessary evil, but insists on calling the murderous procedure a facilitator of ‘great joys’ in a career-driven woman’s life,” Newsbusters reports. 

Last week on her podcast, Milano treated her listeners to one of the most outrageous and diabolical stories on abortion in recent time. You can feel the slime she leaves and that sick sense you get from her proud abortion experience.

“In 1993 I had two abortions,” Alyssa declared, explaining that at that particular point in time she “had a career, and a future, and potential.”

News of the pregnancy “was devastating,” Milano claimed, and instead of considering how to work with the life she’d been given, she got indignant at the inconvenience and transformed taking the easy way out into a political awakening.

She claimed, “ I was raised Catholic and was suddenly put in conflict with my faith, a faith I was coming to realize empowered only men to make every single decision about what was allowed and what was not allowed.”

This is a cop-out. Milano had a choice. It was before she had sex. No man prohibited that choice. 

She also claimed to suffer from bad “anxiety” and it all added up to her conclusion that “I was not equipped to be a mother.” And so, “I chose to have an abortion. I chose. It was my choice. And it was absolutely the right choice for me.”

It was the wrong choice for the baby she killed.

That empowered attitude helped Milano have her second abortion within the same year, and you better believe that those acts of child-sacrifice at the altar of self are the most freeing, joy-bringing things she’s done.

If it weren’t for the two abortions, “My life would be completely lacking all its great joys. I would never have been free to be myself, and that’s what this fight is about. Freedom.” She had “real reasons” for killing her kids, as do all women who have abortions. “They are ours,” she insisted, adding, “and they are none of your f*cking business.”

We guess the baby didn’t get a choice about their freedom. 

A young pastor who is the father of two young children came up with a scintillating response to Alyssa Milano’s disgusting defense of her two abortions. Jarrid Wilson, an associate pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, tweeted a picture of himself, his wife, and their two young sons, and stated, “Everyone should post a picture of their kids and use the hashtag #greatjoys.”

This flooded Miano’s Twitter feed with pictures and stories like that of one mom who tweeted, “I had 3 appointments to have an abortion in 1993 but skipped them all. I chose life instead and my daughter is in the middle of the picture. #greatjoys.”

Another mother, Diana Matthews, tweeted: “17 years ago, I walked out of an abortion clinic…. I was going through a divorce and didn’t think I would be able to ‘handle it’ He’s 16 today. Today, am a happily married mother of 4 #greatjoys.”

The choice these women made for life counteracts the selfish and delusional choice women like Milano make for death. We are not being critical of every woman who has had an abortion. However, we are being critical of Milano’s version in which she glamorizes her abortions as something good here on earth.

This is the sick mind of a leftist. So sick that she calls evil good. 

What did she get from her so-called freedom? Milano is a washed-up actress who turned to political activism as a way to stay relevant. So, was that worth killing her two children?  These are the lies these hapless creatures like Milano have to tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

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