Milano Wants a Gun Rights Debate on Live TV, Ted Cruz Calls Her Bluff

Alyssa Milano was trolling conservative politicians about gun rights over the weekend. The former child actor turned leftwing activist was spewing nonsense at Senator Ted Cruz, who knows a thing or two about the Constitution. Cruz argued a case and won in front of the Supreme Court, but that didn’t stop Milano. She desperately wants to debate gun rights on live TV, and Cruz just called her bluff. You don’t want to miss this.

Alyssa Milano and Senator Ted Cruz (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

After Ted Cruz destroyed Alyssa Milano on gun rights over the weekend, the D-list actress challenged Cruz to a live debate “so the American people can hear your bullsh*t first hand.”

Cruz was in a Twitter war with Milano which he won when he posted: “[I]n most govts it has been the study of rulers to confine this right w/in the narrowest limits possible. Wherever…the right…to keep & bear arms is, under any…pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”

“That’s also why, post Civil War, disarming Black Americans was a critical objective of the KKK, and was memorialized in countless Jim Crow laws—to strip African-Americans of their God-given right to self-defense from violence,” Cruz added.

“The exchange comes after Cruz gave Milano a lesson on history, the Constitution, and the Bible over the weekend after she ridiculed the idea that there is a ‘God-given’ right to defend oneself with a firearm,” TownHall reports.

If such a meeting takes place, it’d be quite the show, besides arguing in front of SCOTUS, Cruz is an award-winning debater, winning both the U.S. National Debating Championship and the North American Debating Championship in 1992.

Well, it’s happening. Milano just posted, “Update: I heard back from Senator Cruz’s office. This meeting is being scheduled. Stay tuned…”

Well, what’s in Milano’s resume that she thinks she can debate gun rights with someone like Ted Cruz?

She is a Twitter “social justice warrior,” and there’s the time she was spotted at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Who can forget Milano showed up at the Kavanaugh hearings where she most notably was caught popping her big mug into the camera shot so live TV would pick her up. She was then roasted for her escapades on Saturday Night Live.

Red State reported, “Attention whore that she is, [Milano] kept leaning into the aisle to get her mug into the shot.” And her cleavage. USA Today reported on how people watching on TV were sick of Milano leaning forward and showing off her breasts.

Alyssa Milano was being disruptive during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Then, there are two abortions she proudly proclaims. We are sure she can work in she was exercising her “women’s rights” while debating Ted Cruz.

“In 1993 I had two abortions,” Alyssa declared, explaining that at that particular point in time she “had a career, and a future, and potential.”

If it weren’t for the two abortions, “My life would be completely lacking all its great joys. I would never have been free to be myself, and that’s what this fight is about. Freedom.” She had “real reasons” for killing her kids, as do all women who have abortions. “They are ours,” she insisted, adding, “and they are none of your f*cking business.”

Can we say Alyssa Milano is just a tad bit out of her element in this debate?

Even if Ted Cruz ties half his brain behind his back, poor Alyssa still hasn’t a chance in hell, and Americans on social media are rejoicing at the news of the coming Milano-Cruz debate on gun rights, the Constitution, and the Bible.

“This isn’t going to go the way the outrage mob hopes it will go…” tweeted Tim Young, adding a meme which says, “This is going to be a disaster.”

“Hahaha, even the supporters in these replies are worried she can’t hold her own and suggesting she bring help,” tweeted Twitter user “Do You Concur, Doctor.”

“Can’t wait to see you get blasted by Cruz and then end up crying because your emotional points won’t work against statistics and facts,” tweeted “Danny.”

Hmmm… a high school dropout versus a Constitutional lawyer, college debater and a US Senator @tedcruz. This may be your best idea yet, Al!” tweeted “Catzmo Was Here,” who added a meme saying, “You full-blown crazy.”

Milano had the audacity to cite 1 Peter 4:8 in the Twitter war with Cruz, which says: “Above all hold unfailing your love for one another, since love covers a multitude of sins.”

Besides having horrible judgment of her debating skills, Milano’s hypocritical actions know no bounds. She is quoting the Bible while she sees her two abortions as a great experience in her life that brought her “great joy.”

The fact she has no clue that abortion is a sin is something Ted Cruz can bring up if she starts blathering on about how self-defense isn’t a God-given right. Not only will this debate be a spectacle, but it will also show the Hollywood crowd they have no business lecturing Americans ever again on politics. They simply are out of their league and in way over their huge ego-inflated heads.

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